After Sales Support to Get the Most From the Projection System

After Sales Support provides support to ensure clients have everything they need to get the most from their domes and projection systems

Every project includes a one-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

In addition, we offer free, online post-sale support for the whole year, and the opportunity to purchase extended warranties and support services.

Many hours of research and development have made technology intuitive and easy to use. In-person end-user training is included during or after installation and comprehensive operation manuals are provided. These factors combine to make sure your team is ready to operate and maintain the dome from day one. Refresher training can be provided for new staff if required.

One of The Biggest Library Of Fulldome Content and Shows

Fulldome Content and Shows

In association with our content creation studio, 360ART, provides an extensive starter package and can create custom content

An extensive fulldome content starter package is included with the purchase of every projection system.

Additional shows and licenses can be arranged to create a specially tailored fulldome content package where needed. partner company, 360ART, is a creator of fulldome content, including award-winning dome shows, and can create content specifically for your dome project. Many other studios, around the world, create and distribute dome content that can be 360ART also distributes and licenses shows from other studios for exhibition purchased and played on systems too.


The biggest library of fulldome shows and the largest starter content package in the market

Quick and Simple Dome Installation

Installation domes and projection systems are designed to be fast and easy to install. Domes of 12 meters or less can be installed without the need to hire lifting equipment

The experienced installation teams work efficiently, thanks to the innovative design and quality engineering foundations of our products.

We offer the option of sending an entire team to complete the project or several supervisors to work with the clients staff or local labor.

Domes can be erected without the need for special tools and portable domes up to and including 12 meters diameter can be built without a lift, crane, or even a ladder, thereby minimizing installation costs. This is made possible by using strong but lightweight materials – like aircraft-grade aluminum for the dome frame and durable, polyester fabrics for screens and covers.

Logistics to Ensure Your Dome Is Delivered Efficiently


The logistics team ensure your dome is delivered efficiently and ready for installation when you need it

The factory and logistics team are experts at packing our products securely and efficiently for shipping.

 A 14-meter mobile projection can be dome packed on four standard pallets or an 8-meter mobile dome on a single pallet. Our clients are always surprised to hear that a 12-meter dome be transported in a minivan and a 3-metre dome in a 5-door car.

Of course, bigger projects will have different needs and requirements but, thanks to vast experience and offices around the world, is able to find the best possible shipping option.

Safety Certifications To Meet All Regulations

Safety Certifications

Materials used by have been certified for fire safety and dome frames are engineered to meet regulations

All the fabrics used in manufacturing negative pressure domes and screens have been certified to meet recognized standards for fire retardancy.

Additional certifications, required for installation in a particular country, can be obtained upon request.

In addition, domes and screen frames are certified to withstand conditions expected in the installation location. Engineering reports are available on request, to assist clients in meeting local regulations for temporaty and permanent dome structures.

Extensive Experience In Project Management

Project managment project managers have extensive experience in all the stages of production, delivery, and installation. They provide advice throughout the project and co-ordinate activities between engineering, manufacturing, IT and logistics department project managers serve as the main point of communication between our clients, and the engineering, manufacturing, IT, and installation teams.

Project managers bring a unique focus to their work, which is shaped by the goals and requirements of each client.

The extensive experience of our highly qualified project managers means they can give client-specific recommendations to ensure the dome, screen, and projection system perform to maximum potential. This advice includes the selection of fittings, colors, and materials for walls and floors, seating solutions and configuration, location of entrances and exits, and heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning requirements.

Finally, the project manager will oversee the delivery and installation of the dome, screen and projection, and audio systems.

End-To-End Solution Provider With In-House Manufacturing

MANUFACTURING is an end-to-end solution provider with many years in-house manufacturing experience and continual refinement, to create quality, turn-key products has its own dome manufacturing facilities. Our portable dome frames are manufactured in Chiang Mai, Thailand. It includes in-house sewing of fabric projection screens and dome covers.

Heavy-duty waterproof vinyl covers for permanent and outdoor domes are also manufactured at our Thailand facility. Being one of the only companies that makes, installs, and operates domes means can implement continuous feedback and product improvement.

This is how has come to provide the best negative-pressure projection domes and screens on the market.

The engineering team also works closely with third-party fabricators around the world to design and produce support trusses and other specialist components of projection domes. In-house engineering and manufacturing allows to be an end-to-end provider from concept to installation and beyond, saving our customer’s time, energy, and money.

High-Quality Detailed Engineering



Our in-house engineering team can handle even the most challenging projects.

We work with other suppliers and builders, to integrate domes, screens, and projection systems into large construction projects and new developments.

Standard dome solutions

Each of our standard domes has been engineered to be fit-for-purpose. Structural reports are available to ensure domes meet local approvals. has a range of domes from 1.5 meters (4.5 feet) to 30 meters (100 feet) in diameter to suit most needs. Each of these domes use a proven design and incorporates years of continual improvement and refinement. Our engineers ensure the design is fit-for-purpose and will withstand the expected loads of equipment, wind, rain, or snow.

Customized dome solutions

Our engineers can design domes of any size and configuration and provide documentation to meet building requirements and standards.

When one of many existing designs can’t be used,’s experienced engineering team can design a dome to meet specific requirements. From fitting a dome screen into an existing building, to providing detailed engineering plans and specifications for architects, the engineering team has a long history of delivering innovative solutions for the trickiest of situations.

Customizations include mounting systems for supporting domes from walls, suspending from above, inclined or even vertically mounted domes, plus designing screens for existing domes. As with standard solutions, structural reports can be provided to satisfy local building and safety requirements.

Irregular screens engineers have a history of innovative solutions for irregularly shaped screens and structures for the most challenging applications.

The growth of flying cinema and other immersive projection environments has created a demand for irregularly shaped screens that are neither flat, curved on a single axis, nor domed. Our engineers have created truncated, elliptical, and capsule-type screens for a variety of projects.

In certain circumstances, a frameless, negative-pressure screen can be used where the building itself forms the outer shell or an air-tight envelope is created by fixing a fabric membrane inside a void. The ingenuity of the engineering team has allowed these irregular screens to be installed without complex, heavy, and expensive supporting structures.

Peripheral engineering

Our experienced engineers can do more than just domes, screens, and projection systems. From base structures and tiered seating platforms for domes to multi-level galleries for motion seats and moving platforms in flying theaters, right down to custom-designed mounting hardware for projectors and speakers — no job is too big or too small for the engineering team.

If you need custom engineering for entertainment, video, or audio projects has the expertise to help you.