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    End-To-End Solution Provider With In-House Manufacturing


    Fulldome.pro is an end-to-end solution provider with many years in-house manufacturing experience and continual refinement, to create quality, turn-key products

    Fulldome.pro has its own dome manufacturing facilities. Our portable dome frames are manufactured in Chiang Mai, Thailand. It includes in-house sewing of fabric projection screens and dome covers.

    Heavy-duty waterproof vinyl covers for permanent and outdoor domes are also manufactured at our Thailand facility. Being one of the only companies that makes, installs, and operates domes means Fulldome.pro can implement continuous feedback and product improvement.

    This is how Fulldome.pro has come to provide the best negative-pressure projection domes and screens on the market.

    The Fulldome.pro engineering team also works closely with third-party fabricators around the world to design and produce support trusses and other specialist components of projection domes. In-house engineering and manufacturing allows Fulldome.pro to be an end-to-end provider from concept to installation and beyond, saving our customer’s time, energy, and money.

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