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    High-Quality Detailed Engineering



    Our in-house engineering team can handle even the most challenging projects.

    We work with other suppliers and builders, to integrate domes, screens, and projection systems into large construction projects and new developments.

    Standard dome solutions

    Each of our standard domes has been engineered to be fit-for-purpose. Structural reports are available to ensure domes meet local approvals.

    Fulldome.pro has a range of domes from 1.5 meters (4.5 feet) to 30 meters (100 feet) in diameter to suit most needs. Each of these domes use a proven design and incorporates years of continual improvement and refinement. Our engineers ensure the design is fit-for-purpose and will withstand the expected loads of equipment, wind, rain, or snow.


    Standard or Customised Our standard domes can be bought ‘off the shelf’ with popular sizes held in stock in our offices around the world. Customised domes, on the otherhand are designed and manufactured to our client’s exact specifications. Standard domes

    Customized dome solutions

    Our engineers can design domes of any size and configuration and provide documentation to meet building requirements and standards.

    When one of many existing designs can’t be used, Fulldome.pro’s experienced engineering team can design a dome to meet specific requirements. From fitting a dome screen into an existing building, to providing detailed engineering plans and specifications for architects, the engineering team has a long history of delivering innovative solutions for the trickiest of situations.

    Customizations include mounting systems for supporting domes from walls, suspending from above, inclined or even vertically mounted domes, plus designing screens for existing domes. As with standard solutions, structural reports can be provided to satisfy local building and safety requirements.

    Irregular screens

    Fulldome.pro engineers have a history of innovative solutions for irregularly shaped screens and structures for the most challenging applications.

    The growth of flying cinema and other immersive projection environments has created a demand for irregularly shaped screens that are neither flat, curved on a single axis, nor domed. Our engineers have created truncated, elliptical, and capsule-type screens for a variety of projects.

    In certain circumstances, a frameless, negative-pressure screen can be used where the building itself forms the outer shell or an air-tight envelope is created by fixing a fabric membrane inside a void. The ingenuity of the Fulldome.pro engineering team has allowed these irregular screens to be installed without complex, heavy, and expensive supporting structures.

    Peripheral engineering

    Our experienced engineers can do more than just domes, screens, and projection systems. From base structures and tiered seating platforms for domes to multi-level galleries for motion seats and moving platforms in flying theaters, right down to custom-designed mounting hardware for projectors and speakers — no job is too big or too small for the Fulldome.pro engineering team.

    If you need custom engineering for entertainment, video, or audio projects Fulldome.pro has the expertise to help you.

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