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    Our top 5 favorite festival experiences of 2019

    Festivals are at the heart of what we do here at Fulldome.pro.

    We’re delighted to be able to use our technology and expertise to make these exciting events viable for our client base. As the years have gone on, we’ve had some wonderful festival experiences as a team. Here are our top 5 favorite festival experiences from our work in 2019.


    To start with, one of the most exciting festivals that we got to take part in for 2019 was Coachella. This legendary festival sells out within minutes and attracts a huge range of visitors from all around the world. We provided a projection system for Antarctic Dome to wow the guests at Coachella. This immersive, immense dome showcased a 360-degree music video for the dreamily propulsive “Underwater” by Australian electronic and live band RÜFÜS DU SOL. An 11,000-square-foot Antarctic Dome, provided by HP, delivered the opportunity for festival goers to experiment and express their own creativity through technology.

    Lost Lands

    Lost Lands Music Festival where everything goes, and there are very few limitations, has been held at Legend Valley Campgrounds since 2017.  Our US team participated in the Lost Lands Festival with the 12 – meter outdoor dome. The dome was a massive success with the guests. At one point, there were 700 people lined up in a queue to watch our famous Samskara fulldome show. At night the dome was lit up with the life mapping dinosaur-themed show. We have great memories from this wild festival and are looking forward to the next year’s Lost Lands extravaganza.

    Bhakti Fest

    Our team really enjoyed working at Bhakti Fest. This beautiful festival celebrates yoga and the intricacy of Vedic culture, and aims to introduce new people to practicing yoga. For this festival, we put together two different domes where people could enjoy lectures from yogis and watch new and exciting immersive content.


    Another exciting festival that we attended in 2019 was Sziget. This beautiful festival takes place in Budapest, Hungary, and is dedicated to celebrating music, culture, and art. For Sziget, we showcased one of our semi-transparent, inflatable domes as part of an exhibit. We played a number of artistic films in our projection dome and were delighted to see over 10,000 guests visit the attraction over the festival.

    Learn more about Sziget Festival:

    Future 1KM Festival

    This intriguing festival took place in Shanghai, China, and is a platform for innovative companies and designers to show their work. It was also one of the central events to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China and was visited by government officials of Shanghai. Fulldome.pro was chosen as the main technical supplier of projection domes and projection systems. The festival showcased a whopping 21 projection domes, all along the North Bund river. The themes varied from music to gaming, to cater to all kinds of festival goers.

    Learn more about Future 1KM:

    What Fulldome.pro can do for you

    Fulldome.pro offers an extensive range of products and services, including our 360 projection dome theaters, projection servers, and exciting fulldome content. We’ve worked with clients from all over the world, and are proud to offer the technical skills to go alongside our products.

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