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Domes made by Fulldome.pro take part in different festivals every summer. Since demand increases with every year, our engineers are creating and developing new solutions and new technologies, so that the locations for the events the domes are rented for are always as memorable as possible. So, allow us to present to you our solutions for festival domes:

1.DOME TENTS (domes as venues)

Used at: Panorama Music Festival NYC, USA | Vedalife Ukraine, Ukraine | Black Rock, USA

You don’t need to build a large construction in order to create a lounge zone or an amusement area at a festival. It’s more convenient and cost-effective to use geodesic domes from Fulldome.pro instead.


– quick assembly;

– large assortment of sizes: from 3 to 35 meters in diameter and even bigger;

– compact when packed;

– attractive decorative cover (available in various formats).


Used at: India Days, Russia| Atma Fest, Russia | Vedalife Ukraine, Ukraine | Bhakti Fest, USA

Our inflatable decorative covers have been winning admirers at festivals and live events for a long time already. It’s all down to the fact that a simple solution like a decorative cover gives you both a dome (as a projection space and simply as a construction) and an art installation.


– a possibility of bringing any concept to life: color, shape, idea;

– affordable price for a creative installation (when compared to wooden, metal and other installations);

– quick installation: depending on the size of the dome, the installation process takes from several hours to several days;

– multifunctionality: the dome simultaneously serves as a decoration on the outside and a space for relaxation/discos/films/other activities on the inside.


Used at: ATMA FEST, Moscow | Vedalife Ukraine, Ukraine | Black Rock, USA

New technologies allow live performances by musicians and DJs to be made even more impressive: thanks to our latest developments music is now synchronised with a fractal show, and depending on the music, visitors will see a unique show under the dome.


– “living” shows: each new performance will be accompanied by a unique visual sequence since the visuals are created in synchronization with the music;

– state-of-the-art technology: our new solution has been tested at several festivals, with total delight the result;

– multifunctionality: the musical visualizer makes a musical performance unique, while the dome serves as a location for a presentation.


Used at: Vedalife Ukraine, Ukraine | Atma Fest, Russia

More than anything else, it’s the Transparent Dome that we remember this festival season for. It’s been a long time since we saw a dome give people so much enjoyment. So what’s the secret? Well, during the daytime the inflatable dome serves as a space for activities, while after dark the lighting is switched on inside the dome, turning it into a cinema on the inside and a living installation on the outside.


– Advanced technology that allows the internal lighting to be used for the external illumination of the dome;

– possibility to set up the dome in both small and large sizes while still providing capacity for a large number of people;

– quick installation: the absence of metal construction elements means that assembly takes no more than one day.

5.BIG DOMES( from 16M in diameter)

Used at: Coachella, USA | Vedalife Ukraine, Ukraine | ATMA FEST, Russia | Panorama Music Festival NYC, USA | Black Rock, USA

We long ago dispelled the myth that good domes with high-resolution onscreen imaging can only be found in smaller sizes. This season, our largest illuminated dome was the 37-meter dome at the Coachella festival, which not only provided seating for around 1,000 people but also provided a unique show under the dome.


– very quick installation (from 1-5 days, depending on the size);

– packs down to a relatively small size: a 35-meter dome will fit into a single truck when packed:

– high-quality image projection even in large domes;

– large capacity: from 220 people (16-metre dome) to 1500 people (37-metre dome).