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    Projection domes are used for planetariums, attractions and theme parks, and many more. These audio-visual hemispheres offer all kinds of opportunities, providing new creative solutions not only for education and amusement but also for businesses, festivals, performances, and other events. 

    Fulldome.pro event domes are our best-selling product and are used for all kinds of events. 

    And why are event domes so popular? 

    Fulldome.pro event domes use pretty much the same dome projection and technology as we use for science centers, theme parks, and entertainment zones. The difference is in the unique features that our event dome offers. We have created several types of event dome based on customers’ requirements and occasions. 

    Event domes are highly mobile; they can be set up fast and quickly (within several hours or days, depending on the size and purpose). They can be branded, they have customized covers for increased visibility, and the most important, the content that plays inside the dome is fully customized to the client`s requirements. 

    Using an event dome allows you to make an effective presentation that your visitors won’t forget, fully customized to your individual needs. 

    Grow your business with the Fulldome.pro event dome, customized to your needs

    Our customers typically require event domes for trade shows, exhibitions, and corporate presentations. We make various types of event domes, designed for specific purposes. 

    Using event domes for corporate occasions is a new and highly efficient way to present your idea, product, or service. These domes create an immersive experience for your potential partners, and the combination of advanced technology and quality content will ensure that your brand sticks in the memory even if they have seen thousands more.

    Event domes made for individual business presentations engage the audience and keep them focused on the message more efficiently than ever before. Rather than viewing images and text on a screen, the futuristic technology that we use provides a strongly immersive experience, further involving the audience. 

    Transforming a 2D picture or video into a stereoscopic image instantly changes the amount of information absorbed. Our domes fully engage the visual and aural senses, which means that the content is far more likely to be retained by the viewer for a more extended period. 

    The combination of our advanced technologies and relevant content will make your business presentation unforgettable. 

    What can you expect from our event domes for business use: 

    · We convert existing corporate videos to represent your idea, brand or product

    · We can make your customized presentation, or you can choose any of our existing titles in the Fulldome format 

    · Our event domes are interactive and will evoke a strong reaction from your visitors

    · Event domes are affordable and accessible 

    The best domes for corporate events are medium and small size, from 3-8 meters in diameter. Giants like Coca Cola, Facebook, Canon, Ricoh and many more have used our event domes for their business purposes. They were all delighted with the experience and were able to exploit the full potential of our domes to develop exciting presentations. 

    Immerse yourself in a concert experience like no other 

    VR technology has taken exciting leaps in live events over the last couple of years. The VR experience has moved on from simply enjoying a good audio vibe to being able to completely immerse yourself in a live concert through a VR headset. 

    The latest technology has the power to make people feel as if they are present at a live performance, gig, or a play. Imagine if you could experience all that in a giant audio-visual sphere around you!

    When we talk about festivals, performances, and concerts, we are talking about substantial projection domes that can accommodate up to 1,000 people. Fulldome.pro’s big projection domes can be installed within several days, while it takes up to a week to set up the giant domes. We have been providing clients with big festival domes for years, renting them out for the world’s most popular festivals. 

    In the summer of 2019, we attended one of the essential multicultural events in Europe. The Fulldome.pro team installed a 16-meter semi-transparent inflatable dome at Sziget, one of Europe’s biggest multicultural music festivals. We took care of the installation of the dome structure and helped to create this stunning audio-visual experience. 

    We use immersive technologies with a unique capacity to forge a deeper connection with the audience, creating powerful and memorable experiences. Top festivals and live events have started to use projection domes, and this trend is increasingly popular today. Event domes are used for concerts, performances, discos and even private parties. Our event domes have also been used at the Lightning in a Bottle Festival (2015, 2017), the Panorama Music Festival (2018),the Coachella Valley Music and Art Festival (2018),the Adult Swim Festival (2018, 2019), ComiCon, VooDoo Fest (2015), and many more. 

    Imagine that you’re sitting on a comfortable chair, surrounded by beautiful visuals that move in synchronization with the performance on the stage and 360 sound. Before the advent of the dome and VR technology, visitors were passive observers and recipients, while now they are drawn into the whole experience like never before.

    One of the recent examples of compelling audio-visual experiences of that kind we provided is the show Beyond the Wall – Immersive Exploration of Pink Floyd Music. Wisdome LA and the Fulldome.pro team achieved a technological breakthrough, with advanced projections, 360-camera technology, ambisonic audio design, mixed reality, and live streams – all combined with groundbreaking music from throughout Pink Floyd’s discography. 

    “With the amount of noise in today’s media-driven world, you need to create something extraordinary to affect and move people,” says Scott Page, a performer who has played saxophone and rhythm guitar for Pink Floyd. “With Beyond the Wall and Think: EXP, we’re excited to bring audiences the most visceral and technically advanced live performances that are much more than your typical concert.”

    And what to expect in the future from our dome projection technology?

    As corporations strive to build higher levels of engagement with the audience, dome projection technologies are becoming an increasingly important component, spelling an end to the days of traditional events. Event domes are bringing powerful audio-visual experience that adds an extra level of value. 

    Whatever kind of event you’re putting one: a business presentation, a brand awareness event, or an immersive performance, Fulldome.pro has a solution. 

    Audiences are no longer satisfied with passively observing; they now expect to participate in events through an immersive social experience. That is precisely what we provide at Fulldome.pro by combining advanced technologies and relevant content. 

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