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    Custom designed 16-meter dome for use in European expos and events

    Lithuanian AV company Video Projektai first approached Fulldome.pro back in 2017 about an 8-metre diameter dome for indoor use. But in 2019, when they found themselves in possession of a 16-metre diameter box-truss ring, they had bigger ideas.

    Video Projektai wanted a dome to fit their truss but with a low profile, so it could be used in exhibition halls with lower clearance. The Fulldome.pro engineering team designed a geodesic frame to exactly meet these requirements. 

    Our Chiang Mai factory set about making the frame, while the sewing team made a screen and outer cover to match. The dome was too big to assemble in our factory and the truss it was designed for was in Lithuania, so the frame, screen, cover, and fan were packed and sent to Vilnius for testing in early 2020. The dome was met in Vilnius by two staff from our Russian office, who trained the team from Video Projektai to install the dome on their truss. As expected, everything went according to plan. The hard work of our engineering, manufacturing and sewing teams combined to produce a perfect negative-pressure dome screen. 

    Video Projektai installed their own projection system using nine FullHD laser projectors and the suspended dome was raised into position for viewing. 

    As with most plans in 2020, things had to be put on hold, so Video Projektai haven’t been able to use their new dome at expos and trade shows yet, but they have been demonstrating it to their clients in readiness for the return of public gatherings all over Europe.
    “A big thank you to Fulldome.pro and their engineers, they are really professional, the training from their staff was great! We are very satisfied with the quality of the dome, it's beautiful appearance, and the attention to detail. Video Projektai is very glad that we chose Fulldome.pro.”
    Video Projektai
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