Small events and projection domes.
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    Small Events and Projection Domes: how to host events with current restrictions

    All of us are missing performances, concerts, and festivals. 

    For quite some time, we’ll be experiencing restrictions that prevent coronavirus spread, including an international travel ban. 


    However, we can still create and experience smaller local events and honor the CDC’s considerations for enhancing the protection of individuals and communities. And while large gatherings are still a distant dream, we wanted to share our ideas on how Projection Domes can help you to host a unique event and create long-lasting memories with the help of immersive technologies, while keeping it safe for visitors. 

    1. Dome venues can be equipped to meet all the new requirements for social distancing, temperature check, fewer seats, sanitizing, etc.
    2. Utilizing small and medium-sized domes will accommodate a new trend of smaller events. 
    3. Domes and immersive screens will replace VR. Visitors won’t need to share gadgets with others and wear special gear if you provide a shared VR experience.
    4. While travel restrictions are still in place, multimedia technologies help to cover long distances. Flying theatres and 7D cinemas allow visitors to see places they’re dreaming of right here and now. 
    5. Virtual meetings, gatherings, performances, education are more interesting and engaging on immersive screen, especially immersive dome screen!
    6. And lastly, one of the essential advantages of immersive dome environments is their tremendous versatility. You can host educational sessions or yoga classes in the morning and art performances and parties on the evening of the same day.

    Domes for yoga weekends with BYMB

    The three first weekends of December gave citizens of Shanghai a chance to avoid the hectic pre-Christmas atmosphere and escape into a more calm and

    To conclude, getting the maximum out of your event requires a lot of logistics in these new circumstances. But without struggle, there is no progress. So let’s get ready and start planning your next event together! 

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