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    What makes flying theaters such great attractions

    The world of entertainment is constantly on the go.

    Blink for just a moment, and you’ll miss incredible inventions, dizzying developments and notable news stories declaring what the next big thing in the industry is. No matter if you’re part of the entertainment industry, a creative professional, or merely a casual fan who enjoys going to the movies, you’re bound to have seen some great changes already this year. Theaters, cinemas, and unique theater-based installations are becoming more and more popular all around the world. Flying theaters are a particularly interesting category of theaters that have received a lot of attention as of late.

    What is a flying theater?

    First things first, what exactly is a flying theater? Flying theaters are fully immersive attractions that aim to simulate flight. They use immense, semi-circular immersive screens, advanced projection systems, and shifting seats to create the illusion that the audience members are swooping through the sky.

    How long have flying theaters been around?

    There is some contention over who invented the first-ever flying theater, but as with many entertainment sources and styles, it was first popularised by Disney. Since then, countless different companies and brands all around the world have experimented with using this innovative form of entertainment to delight and amuse their audience.

    "Flying theater is a truly one of a kind immersive entertainment experience that combines the latest technologies with excitement and everyone’s dream of flying"
    Yana Fedorova
    Head Of Business Development

    Iconic flying theaters all around the globe

    There are plenty of breathtaking flying theaters all around the world, and it’s hard to pick just one out of the selection as a favorite.

    One that particularly stands out is Soarin’ Around The World ride at the Disney Resort in Shanghai. This unique attraction uses incredible imagery, sound effects, and beautiful technology to make a simply unforgettable ride experience. It shows riders some of the most iconic landmarks in the world, including the Great Wall of China and the Eiffel Tower.

    Another flying theater that stands out as being exceptional in its field is L’Extraordinaire Voyage at the Futuroscope park in France. This behemoth of a ride weighs almost 110 tons and has been incredibly popular. This ride is based primarily around classic Jules Verne stories and is a fan favorite at Futuroscope due to its size, complexity, and power.

    The Voletarium at Europa Park in Germany is another fantastic example of a flying theater that’s made an impact. This incredible ride is recognized as Europe’s biggest flying theater. It’s intense and beautiful all at once and offers riders a special perspective on some iconic locations.

    In San Francisco, there’s another great example of a flying theater called The Flyer. This special ride meshes CGI imagery with real videography, to some incredibly unique effects. It’s based around tourism, and showing the best that San Francisco has to offer.

    Flying theater in Masan Robot Land, South Korea, is the most popular attraction in the park, and for a good reason. Known as “Wing of Cosmos,” this immersive ride features a massive 20-meter frameless dome screen with a stunning high-quality 4K projection system. It is the largest flying theater in South Korea.

    Of course, this list is not exclusive. There are plenty of fantastic flying theaters dotted all across the world, and as the style of theater grows in popularity, we’re bound to see even more of them being created.

    What makes flying theaters such great attractions?

    The main reasons why we believe flying theaters to be so great include;

    • They offer a fully immersive experience. The use of curved screens and moving seats makes for a sensation of actually flying through the air.
    • Flying theaters give a unique perspective on landmarks. They allow users to get up close and personal with intriguing locations, and to learn more about them, which makes them great for both entertainment and educational purposes.
    • They offer top quality video and audio. This isn’t an attraction style where video or camera quality is simply an afterthought – any good flying theater provider will strive to make sure that every ride or movie is pixel perfect.
    • It’s a unique shared immersive experience that you can enjoy with your friends and family together.

    At Fulldome.pro, we are inspired to contribute to the technological advancements in immersive entertainment. Check out our latest flying theater installations.

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