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    Flying Theater Experience and Immersive Entertainment

    Flying theater is a truly one of a kind immersive entertainment experience that combines the latest technologies with excitement and everyone’s dream of flying. It is a modern digital reinvention of a classic theme park roller-coaster.

    Flying theater utilizes an elevated seating platform with the motion seats, immersive screen, and captivating content that is fully synchronized with surround sound system and special effects. Vertically stacked or steeply leveled seating arrangements allow guests’ legs to dangle for that ultimate feeling of flight. The riders can see the action not just ahead of them, but also below and to the sides. To complete the sensation of flying, special effects like breezes that rustle visitors’ hair, mist that drifts about, and natural scents that waft through the air are added into the mix. The unique combination of features listed above is what makes flying theaters such a popular attraction.

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    Theme parks & amusement areas

    Tashkent City

    The international  center “Tashkent City” is one of the largest urban projects carried out in the Republic of Uzbekistan, featuring modern hotels, shopping and entertainment

    We are proud to have worked with many integrators as suppliers of customized immersive screens of different shapes and configurations, high-quality projection systems with up to 8K resolution, and content from our in-house studio, or consultancy services for content creation and testing. 

    At, we are experts in providing various solutions for the media-based attractions. In addition to the flying theater solutions, we offer 4D dome cinema, 360 spheres, and VR domes.

    Our extensive library of immersive rides and shows is compatible with any brand of motion seats and includes the content created by our own production studio and premium content from our partners. award-winning production studio is experienced at designing content tailored to the specific project.  


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