Shared immersive film making in Melbourne’s west
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    Shared immersive film making in Melbourne’s west

    Wyndham Tech School has installed a 3-meter (10 ft) Studio Dome which allows secondary school students to collaborate on immersive film-making projects. Students from 20 schools in the west of Melbourne visit Wyndham Tech School to access specialist equipment and staff not available their regular school. This includes Computer-Aided Design and Drafting (CAD) with 3D printer and CNC routers, robotics, drones, video equipment, high-end graphics workstations, and VR headsets. In short, the sort of cutting-edge equipment graduates might expect to be using when they enter the workforce, and that most schools don’t have the budget or expertise for.

    The Studio Dome means the students can show their 360º content and VR creations to each other and their instructors, all together, without the need for headsets. 

    With Fulldome Live they can take content directly from a production computer in real-time, without having to pre-render and make edits and adjustments everyone can see instantly.

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    Diameter 3m (10ft),
    seating capacity 4 people

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