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    VR DOME: Revolutionary floor-to-floor screen for Laduma

    A unique dome for a creative agency

    This year we had a challenging request from Laduma. The creative agency wanted us to provide a dome offering a social VR experience without goggles and headsets for their marketing activities. At the end of the project discussion Fulldome.pro had a task:

    • supply a 7M mobile projection dome with a decorative cover;
    • provide a VR experience without any additional devices;
    • ensure the free movement of people inside the dome.

    A new edge of VR experience

    A VR experience means that people are fully immersed in the content being screened. To make this a reality, our team created an innovative product – the VR Dome. This is a solution in which the total inner surface of the dome is used as a canvas for projection, allowing the viewer to find themselves at the very heart of the show. To achieve this result, our team produced a series of developments.

    How we developed the VR dome, in 4 steps

    1. Created a dome with a maximum viewing area

    The manufacturers produced a floor-to-floor screen for VR dome. The screen begins at a height of 40 cm from the floor and also includes the door. This allows an extra 25% of the inner surface to be used as a projection surface.

    2. Developed special projection technology

    Our technical department has developed a unique scheme for VR projection. The projectors are almost vertical, so visitors to the dome don’t cast shadows when they come close to the screen.

    3. Found the right projectors

    Here we faced the problem. Because of a particular position, most of the projectors overheated and failed quickly. Our technical specialist found that we could only use LASER or LED projectors for the VR Dome. We chose LED projectors as an optimal solution for this project.

    4. Increased the screen resolution

    Dome visitors were allowed to come close to the screen, but we didn’t want them to be able to see the pixels. To solve this problem, we used 12 LED projectors, which increased the screen resolution to 18 MPx.

    A marketing tool for brand activation

    Fulldome.pro has created a game-changing product. The VR Dome provides a social virtual reality experience without the use of any additional devices. Laduma used our dome for the first time with their CaVRn at the HIMSS medical convention in Las Vegas. This dome, with its decorative cover and logo, is a unique tool for brand activation, so it’s no surprise that it’s now being used to attract and amaze visitors at expos, conferences, and festivals – just as it did at the International Business Festival in Liverpool. During the course of three weeks, thousands of people, including Prince William, experienced immersion in our VR Dome. See their reaction here in this video.

    The VR Dome for Laduma in numbers

    7M Dome

    12 Led Projectors

    18MPx – screen resolution

    25% more projection area

    2/3 of dome space used

    2 months to develop and manufacture the dome

    A dome that draws attention to your event, party, or participation in a trade fair or exhibition

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