The first immersive exhibition in Thailand “Lighting of the Soul” brings Thawan Duchanees art to a life
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    “Lighting of the Soul” exhibition brings Duchanee’s artwork to a Bangkok audience has completed yet another immersive art exhibition “Lightning of the Soul”. This exhibition showcased the works of the late Thai artist, sculptor, and architect – Thawan Duchanee.

    Exhibition: The beginning

    The project began when the team travelled to Chaing Rai to meet with the artist’s son, Doytibet Duchanee, at Baan Dam (the Black House) a museum and tourist attraction that was his father’s life’s work. Doytibet wanted to show his father’s work in a new and exciting way and to take it beyond Baan Dam and Chiang Rai. Over several years of discussions and planning the project was realized in late 2020.

    The first immersive exhibition in Thailand

    The exhibition debuted at the ICONSIAM centre on the banks of Bangkok’s Chao Phraya river. It consisted of two sites. The first – promotional part – was installed inside the shopping centre on the first floor. The main exhibition was on the second-floor terrace, overlooking the river.

    This exhibition is another example of how offers a full-service experience from dome engineering and projection systems, to content creation, exhibition design, mobile applications with social media interaction, soft furnishings, and event management. 

    Let’s have a closer look at the exhibition’s sites:


    The Thara Hall atrium on the first floor of the center housed an 8-meter projection dome with inflatable gold cover, resembling a traditional Thai chedi. Inside the dome an immersive video was shown to promote the full exhibition.


    Around the dome there were sculptural works by the artist and monoliths featuring some of his paintings – AR gallery provided by A small QR code next to each artwork allowed the audience to bring the still paintings to life on their phones and share on social media.


    The larger, 14-meter, dome featured a specially created immersive show using Duchanee’s artwork. The creative team worked closely with Doytibet to digitize his father’s works and incorporate them into a modern, animated work, presenting them in a new way, while maintaining the integrity and vision of the original pieces. 


    The smaller, 7-meter, dome contained merchandise information about the artist. 


    Visitors approached the two domes along a red carpet, passing more monoliths with paintings, and a garden of inflatable sculptures inspired by the colors and themes of Duchanee’s work.


    To complete the interior of the Show dome, provided beanbag chairs that were printed with Thawan Duchanee’s artworks.

    Overwhelming success of the exhibition

    In the month the exhibition was installed, thousands of visitors got to experience the work of one of Thailand’s most renowned artists in a new way, all while maintaining the social distancing and safety requirements imposed during these trying times.

    Check out our new video review about this amazing project to get more details, ideas and inspiration!

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