Mystic Universe immersive exhibition
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    Immersive Exhibition Mystic Universe

    Moscow, Russia

    Another remarkable immersive exhibition powered by and 360Art, Mystic Universe, is the latest art project that you need to know about.

    Followed by the huge success of the previous immersive exhibition Samskara, Mystic Universe is proudly spread out on 1500 square meter ground of the iconic ARTPLAY Design Center in Moscow. 

    Mystic Universe is a unique experience that combines 360 immersive technology, virtual reality, and jaw-dropping artwork. The exhibit consists of a panoramic screen, three spherical domes, light installations, generative art displays, sculpture mapping, and a wealth of information about Eastern culture and philosophies. 

    It has an abundance of intriguing features, including:

    • Fully immersive animations
    • Interactive mirror rooms and photo zones
    • Multi-genre installations
    • Kinetic sculptures

    The key idea behind this exhibit is to take visitors on a mystical journey, exploring timeless civilizations through captivating visuals, sound, and tactile experiences. 

    “The main inspirations came from the temple of Angkor Wat, an architectural wonder based in Cambodia that symbolizes a portal between worlds.” 

    – George Aistov, creative producer

    The temple complex Angkor Wat is one of the largest religious monuments in the world and is safeguarded by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Mystic Universe exhibition showcases items from the ancient temple and features detailed bas-reliefs and stunning ornaments.

    One of the most exciting installations is the fulldome show Yogi’s Journey, which is displayed on a large dome screen. This movie is based on the ancient scriptures and shows 14 levels of heaven and hell, inspiring the viewers to examine their own realities.

    Mystic Universe is the result of the collaboration between a team of global artists and philosophers, an alliance of people who are dedicated to making the world around us even more beautiful. This team includes Julius Horsthuis, Luminokaya, Igor Baranko, and George Aistov.

    Julius Horsthuis

    An award-winning visual artist and effects designer. He’s gained worldwide recognition with his work and has received some great media attention-including nods from The Creators Project, Gizmodo, Newsweek, and Vimeo Staff Picks.

    Julius has collaborated with several high-profile visual artists, such as Android Jones (to create Samskara), Esteban Diácono, and Beeple (to create Coachella Antarctic).

    Mystic Universe features his latest fulldome movie Fractal Time, an abstract immersive film, that plays on the origin and future of our universe.


    An artist and a visionary, Luminokaya is a fearless explorer of spirituality, mystery, and the depths of the human imagination. The digital art created by this artist is a psychedelic mixture of sacred geometry, the occult, and spiritual iconography.

    Igor Baranko

    Igor is a well-known, award-winning graphic artist, writer, and comic artist with a dedicated audience, best known for his sardonic and scary stories. He has made a significant impact while working on this exhibit, and specifically, creating the Yogi’s Journey fulldome show.

    George Aistov

    Creative producer, art collector, and a founder of George Aistov is also known for producing an immersive exhibition Samskara, that is based on the art of the famous digital artist Android Jones, and an interactive exhibit, Samurai – Art of War, an insight into the military culture of Japanese Samurai warriors, and Wisdome LA Immersive Art Park.

    As you can see, the Mystic Universe exhibit is something that you simply can’t afford to miss out on. We’d recommend charging your phone before coming to the exhibition – there are going to be plenty of Instagram-worthy photo opportunities! There’ll also be openings for workshops, discussions, and plenty of immersive parties as well.

    If you’re not based in Russia, don’t worry. This gorgeous exhibit will be visiting the US and parts of Europe and Asia so that more visitors can experience this mystical journey for themselves. 

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