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    Fulldome.pro Media Server at the heart of massive 42-meter dome

    In the midst of a global pandemic, Fulldome.pro has provided a Media Server for the biggest permanent dome project we have ever been involved with. The massive 42-meter dome at the Happy Valley Theme Park in Nanjing, China, has a screen area of 2,500 square meters and is illuminated by twelve 30,000 lumen, WUXGA Panasonic laser projectors. 

    The single Fulldome.pro Media Server drives all these projectors and blends over 27 million pixels to produce a single, sharp 5K image with incredible contrast and brightness across the entire surface. During the day the dome is used for showing immersive films and planetarium-style content, but at night the dome is transformed into a multi-purpose space, hosting events and parties. This is made possible by equipping the Media Server with Fulldome Live so that, live content from any external source, like stunning visuals from the VJing software on the accompanying Application Server, live streams, or interactive media can be shown on the dome.

    The Fulldome.pro teams in China and Thailand worked together to supply and install the Media Server and associated hardware in the dome. Travel restrictions caused by the pandemic meant that much of the project management, software setup, and fine-tuning work had to be done remotely.

    The inflatable dome, which was built by a Chinese company, features external projection, making it the night-time focal point of the park, and laser illumination on the walls and floor inside the dome.

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