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    First Spherical Cinema in Israel

    When TLV Balloon wanted to expand their offerings they approached local company, Simnoa Technologies, to design an attraction that could operate in all conditions. TLV Balloon offers tethered balloon rides where groups of up to 30, ascend to a height of around 100 metres for panoramic views of Tel Aviv. A ‘strong breeze’ is enough to prevent the balloon from flying. 

    Simnoa Technologies wanted to create an attraction so TLV Balloon patrons could have an immersive sensory experience, even when the balloon could not fly. Simnoa Technologies enlisted to provide an 8-meter dome and 3K projection system, into which they installed 16 4D-motion seats — creating the first spherical cinema in Israel. So now, as well as being able to experience an actual balloon ride, the audience can join Felix Baumgartner on a stratospheric parachute jump from a balloon!

    The project was first proposed in 2017, but when it came time to install the dome, the world was in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, complicating travel and logistics. Having offices and staff based around the globe, was able to manufacture the dome and assemble a team for installation during such difficult times.

    About Simnoa Technologies

    Israel-based Simnoa Technologies is a provider of flying theaters, motion platforms, and other multi-dimensional experiences for theme parks and science museums around the world. 

    Diameter 8m (26ft)
    seating capacity 23 people

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