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    First Planetarium and Cosmos Theater in Phuket

    There are more and more studies about the positive impact of immersive technology on education. It enables learning through experience and can literally bring a curriculum to life for students.

    The most progressive schools around the world are starting to implement mixed reality and immersive technology in the classroom. 

    One of these schools is the BCIS Phuket International School. The school’s mission is to provide innovative, world-class education, encouraging students to reach their true potential. The owner and CEO, Laurent Minguely, had a dream of implementing immersive technology into the school’s curriculum. And we were honored to support this dream by delivering Phuket’s First Planetarium and Cosmos Theater. 

    Our extensive experience providing solutions for planetariums and educational industry enabled us to custom engineer a special dome design for the school.

    After visiting the school site, and evaluating the location, our engineers offered a fixed outdoor planetarium with the concrete podium.

    Phuket is known for its high humidity and heavy rains. So, a concrete podium was the perfect solution to protect the dome against flooding.

    To ensure that the dome screen is shielded from condensation and retains a perfect temperature inside, we’ve added a layer of thermal isolation system between the PVC cover and the screen.

    Once the podium was built, it only took us ten days to finish the project. We created a complete turnkey solution that the school could immediately utilize. In addition to setting up the dome, screen, and projection system, we took care of the seating, carpeting, and light.

    At, we’re always researching innovative solutions to enhance the quality of the projection system. For this project, we developed a high contrast screen to provide an extra bright, high-resolution image.

    In September 2019, the school surprised the kids and the teachers with the new immersive educational planetarium that became their favorite learning space.

    Phuket’s First Planetarium and Cosmos Theater at BCIS will soon be open to the general public to promote experiential learning and deepen the understanding of our planet and beyond.

    Diameter 14m (46ft)
    standing capacity 220 people

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