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    Estrella Jalisco brand activation at Wisdome LA

    The use of virtual experiences in marketing has come a long way in the last few years. A great VR brand activation campaign brings together an immersive experience with the opportunity to take further action.

    To celebrate Día de Muertos, Estrella Jalisco, in collaboration with Wisdome LA, transported the artistic spirit of Mexico to the United States, creating the ultimate party.

    Wisdome LA immersive entertainment art park was transformed into a magical journey through four domes that represented water, fire, a journey among marigolds, and a flight with the monarch butterflies to remind us of the connection between death and rebirth.

    The fulldome content was created by our 360art studio and narrated by filmmaker Robert Rodriguez.

    The immersive exhibition included several live concerts, multiple parties, photo zones, experimental performances, digital and physical game design, and more!

    Get on board with the latest trend of using immersive technology for your brand activation.

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