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    Adelaide Fringe Festival

    10M Dome Lights up the Adelaide Fringe Festival with Programme of 360 Shows

    Australia | 2024

    What is the Adelaide Fringe Festival?

    The Adelaide Fringe is Australia’s biggest arts festival and the world’s second-largest annual arts festival (after the Edinburgh Festival Fringe). It runs for a month, between mid-February and mid-March each year, and features more than 7,000 artists from around the world. 


    • 10M Projection Dome
    • 5K Projection system

    A 360 Cinematic Extravaganza

    As part of the Electric Dreams Programme at the 2024 Adelaide Fringe, a 10m projection dome was set up to present a series of captivating 360 shows. The programme featured content from top 360 creators in Australia and around the world. From immersive documentaries to innovative digital renditions of familiar music, there was a show to captivate everyone. Attendees reclined on comfortable beanbags to fully enjoy the immersive experience.

    How popular were the dome shows?

    Throughout the 4-week festival, a total of 9 different shows were screened over 13 sessions each day. With a seating capacity of 40 people per session and a high demand resulting in mostly sold-out shows, a remarkable 9,553 tickets were sold in total.

    What was the most popular show?

    The most popular show was ‘The Dark Side Of The Moon’, a fulldome experience commemorating the 50th anniversary of Pink Floyd’s legendary album. Audiences relaxed on beanbags as they immersed themselves in stunning 360-degree views of the solar system, synchronized perfectly with all 10 tracks from the album. The remarkable demand for this show highlighted the public’s desire to experience their favorite music within a 360-degree projection dome setting.


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