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    7D Immersive Dome Theater for Ho May Park

    HO MAY PARK is located on Nui Lon’s peak in Vietnam. Set in a dreamlike mountain landscape surrounded by forests, streams, and blue lakes, Ho May Park is a perfect vacation spot with its diverse ecosystem and unforgettable entertainment area. There are many exciting activities available for the whole family: Ultimate Slide, Quick Jump, Drift King, Zipline, horseback riding, and the newest 7D Immersive Dome Theater from Fulldome.pro.

    We provide a wide range of engineering solutions not limited to standard dome configurations, but also customized solutions to meet our clients’ needs. One of the things our team excels at is the ability to design and install projection screens in the existing structure, practically of any shape and configuration. That’s why Fulldome.pro was chosen to complete the Ho May Park 7-D cinema project.

    The cinema building is shaped like a flying saucer to create a futuristic feel for the attraction. Inside the UFO building, our team installed a 15-meter diameter immersive screen, projection system with a stunning image resolution synchronized with motion seats and effects. A set of specially designed exciting 360 ride shows provided by Fulldome.pro completes the attraction.

    The opening of the theatre was a great success and received many positive reviews. It immediately became a “must-see” attraction of Ho May Park.

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