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    Dome for content creation at the University of Plymouth

    The Immersive Media Lab (IML) at the University of Plymouth in the UK already has state-of-the-art equipment for immersive virtual and augmented reality content creation and now, with the addition of a 3-meter diameter dome, has the ultimate tool for working collaboratively on projects. Multiple people can view and discuss content together under the dome, providing feedback to its creator. Video from 360 cameras and motion capture can be edited directly in the immersive dome environment through Fulldome LIVE, freeing editors and coders from the isolating limitations of a headset.

    The dome was delivered early in 2020 but travel restrictions due to COVID-19 meant staff could not get to Plymouth to install the dome and train IML staff to use the system. Our team back in Chiang Mai created video instruction manuals, showing how to erect the dome, install the DX4 projection system, perform calibration, and operate and troubleshoot the dome and equipment.

    “The ease-of-use of the system and ability to quickly prototype content are a welcome additional to our technical portfolio”
    Andrew Banks
    the IML Senior Technician

    In addition to helping students, researchers and industry partners from around the Plymouth area realise their dream projects, some students will use the dome as a testing platform, before their films are shown in bigger domes across the UK.

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    Diameter 3m (10ft),
    seating capacity 4 people

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