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Everyone knows his or her address, in which city and on what street he or she lives. And do you know where does the earth live? What surrounds it? How far is it from the Earth to the Sun, and what makes our planet different from the others.

Take a wonderful journey with a cheerful dragon Woody, who travels around the Universe in search of fantastic adventures.

This time the dragon arrives to the Earth where he meets a smart girl named Lena. Together Woody and Lena will introduce the children to the most interesting things about our planet and tell them about the Solar System.

The show will take you to the fantastic and infinite world of starts, bright nebulas, galaxies, stars clusters, and wonderful comets. Take a dive into the midst of exciting stories together with the curious dragon Woody and learn what place we occupy in the great Universe.

Technical Parameters
Release: 2017 Genre: astronomy Format: 4096x4096 px (4K) Running Time: 24 min Languages: English, Russian