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    “Lightning of the Soul” is  based on the ancient Buddhist story of how one can defy his own evil mind through meditation and the path of good deeds. The idea of the show is presenting world famous Thawan Duchanee’s art in a modern way with the help of digital technologies to give the totally immersive experience for all the visitors.

    Thawan Duchanee has shocked the world by creating a uniquely Asian artistic expression. Mr. Thawan is indeed worthy to be called a master of modern Asian art.

    Thawan also created the painting by Zen brush in order to present a Zen philosophy in artistic form.The unique characteristic of Thawan’s painting including not only form and religious story but also the colour he used. After learning about Chinese, Indian and Japanese artworks which characteristic is monochrome painting, He was inspired to paint in black and white in order to precisely express inner feelings.


    Technical Parameters
    Genre: Visual Show Length: 17 min Language: ENG, THAI Resolution: 4K Audio: Stereo - 5.1

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