How to use a geodesic VR dome for marketing events
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    World’s First VR Dome for all kind of events

    The VR dome allows you to make presentations that immerse all the viewer’s senses in a realistic virtual experience. How can you use this next-level technology to present your products, and what benefits does it offer for your marketing campaign?

    The way we consume information is changing rapidly. According to recent results from Presentation Statistics for 2018, 79% of visitors agree that “most presentations are boring.” Shorter audience attention and information fatigue mean that people have less and less time for presentations that are not instantly immersive.

    The world is spinning too fast these days for extended storytelling and uninspiring visuals. If you want to hold a successful event, you must understand your audience. 

    What do visitors want to see nowadays?

    The secret of an excellent presentation lies in an empathic attitude and an immersive experience. 

    Provide these elements, and you will create an unforgettable event.

    From idea to reality

    The idea for the world’s first VR dome came from a collaboration between and the award-winning creative agency Laduma. 

    Together, we combined creative ideas and advanced technology and made the world’s first VR dome. 

    And judging by the use of our VR dome, they couldn’t be more right!

    After months of detailed design and technology work, we believe we have built a world first an experience that will change how people interact with VR content. Nothing else showcases VR to this standard.
    The Laduma Team

    What is unique about this dome?

    A VR dome looks the same as any other on the outside, but don’t get misled by first impressions: step inside and experience the magic that this technology has to offer!

    Its low screen line increases the projection surface by up to 25%, while its frameless image places the audience at the heart of the show, with content projected on all inner surfaces, including doors.

    With powerful led projection, it provides the best quality vision the world has seen so far. And the best is yet to come: VR dome has so long-awaited 4D cinema with motion seats that bring countless possibilities for any presentation or content.

    Take your event to the next level: here's how to do it! VR domes start at 7 meters in diameter. Projection inside the dome creates a total VR experience that does not require any helmets or goggles. Once you enter the dome, you can move around freely.

    Imagine not needing additional boring equipment, presentation materials, or experts to explain why your brand is what it is. Imagine that your visitors are entering a magical VR sphere where everything will be presented to them, not through some lecture but as a realistic experience. 

    The reality is far better. Visitors will not experience your brand individually but as a shared social activity. They will not be just silent observers who will forget what you talked about the minute they leave the event. Your VR dome presentation will be something they remember as a real-life experience. 

    Try all of the possibilities that the world’s first VR dome offers and create a stunning event for your company. 

    Join in the new era of immersive journeys! 

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