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    Wisdome LA: turning downtown into dome-town

    New immersive entertainment park in Los Angeles

    The world’s first fully immersive entertainment theme park, in the heart of downtown Los Angeles Arts District, is a collaboration between Wisdome LA and Fulldome.pro. The event space, comprising five large domes, will be home to the world’s most innovative art exhibitions, theater performances, corporate retreats, executive meetings, and venue for milestone celebrations.

    What is Wisdome LA?

    Wisdome LA is an interactive digital dome venue with five big domes, ranging in size from 39 ft (12 m) to a huge 90 ft (27 m) diameter, all supplied by Fulldome.pro. The 35,000 square foot multi-dome, art, theater and events complex has fully immersive visual capabilities, spatial sound, and customizable interiors to provide a one-of-a-kind experience to LA’s most progressive audience. Event Dome, Art Dome and Dome-As-A-Venue – Wisdome LA brings together our most popular turnkey solutions.

    Wisdome LA is a cutting-edge dome venue for:

    • immersive storytelling and transformational art
    • marketing and business events
    • digital art exhibitions
    • music shows and theater performances
    • other celebrations

    Upcoming activities in Wisdome LA

    LA CoMotion

    15-17 November 2018

    Think: Floyd EXP

    17 November 2018

    Get more info

    If you have any ideas for events or activities at Wisdome LA please contact our manager Maria by email: m.aldarova@fulldome.pro

    Diameter 12m (39ft)
    standing capacity 150 people
    Diameter 14m (46ft)
    standing capacity 220 people
    Diameter 27m (89ft),
    standing capacity up to 1000 people
    Diameter 21m (69ft)
    standing capacity 500 people

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