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Our negative-pressure domes consist of three layers:

  • an outer cover
  • an aluminum frame
  • an inner projection screen 

A vacuum system is used to evacuate the air from between the outer cover and projection screen. The outer cover conforms tightly to the frame beneath it, while inside the screen is stretched upward and outward, towards, but not touching, the frame. The vacuum (or negative pressure) holds the screen in place. The high-performance, precision is sewn, fabric screen provides an excellent projection surface, with imperceptible seams. Our specially trained team and purpose built sewing rooms mean we can create screens to suit any dome, and strong outer covers to precisely fit over our aluminum frames. Likewise, our factory team carefully prepare all parts before testing each frame, screen, and cover, and then shipping to the customer.

Our negative pressure technology is what allows us to make such portable, easy to setup, yet high-quality domes and projection systems.