5 ideas to attract more visitors to your booth
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    5 Tips to Attract Visitors to Your Stand at an Expo

    Having a stand at an expo is only the first step in getting any new or existing product out there: the most important part is actually getting people to come to your stand to see what you are offering. Looking around at all the other stands competing for the same audience, it is easy to see that this might be an uphill task. Here are some tips to get visitors flocking to your stand.

    1. Offer Free WiFi

    Free Wi-Fi is an excellent way to bring people to your stand. Some prospective customers will naturally feel guilty about using your network, so then they will look at your products while at your booth. Others will approach your stand for a stronger WiFi connection and then become interested in what you are offering. Of course, there will always be those who just come for the connection, but it gives you the chance to present your product when they are nearby.

    2. Create a Challenge

    When you create a challenge, you are bringing in people who are intrigued by the idea of competition. This gives you an opportunity to create crowd engagement at your stand. Creating a challenge is different from hosting a giveaway. Often times, people come to giveaways just to collect a prize and leave. With a challenge, it isn’t necessary to give away anything of high value, maybe a small voucher for your products, but you will have gained many potential customers by attracting them to your booth with a challenge.

    3. Eye-Catching Technology

    No matter what you have on display, technology will always make it look better. VR, AR, and 360° representations are just some of the concepts you can employ. Any technology will add colour to your booth, setting it apart from the other generic stand designs out there. People like to check out something different, which in return means more people at your booth if you stand out with technology.

    4. Superior Stand Design

    Design can make your stand look spectacular. In other words, make sure your stand stands out from all others at the expo (pun intended). An outstanding design can take many forms, but make sure the design doesn’t take away from the core element of your product.

    5. Engaging Members of Staff

    There are many ways to make your stand attractive, but the people behind your product can make or break your contact with a future customer. Ensure that the stand attendants are presentable, knowledgeable, and ready to receive anyone and everyone. They should exude a fun, positive, and welcoming attitude. Body language speaks volumes, and everyone understands this. Having staff with the right body language and human interaction skills will make your stand the place to be.

    Incorporate all the above tips, and you could well be on your way to having the hottest stand at the expo.

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