Three Secrets to a Stunning Expo Stand for Your Company
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    So you’ve decided to take part in one of the industry’s most visited trade fairs. You’ve booked a space, and your stand is located in a good spot. Is this enough for success? To be blunt – no. In this article, we’ll go over the risks and the solutions in order to make sure that not a single visitor passes your company by. 

    Participating in an expo is a marketing exercise, so your company should have a well-prepared strategy for expo marketing, including a description of the company’s position on the products and services market. You need a detailed, clear and simple description of the unique commercial product the company intends to present at the expo, and this should be reflected in the design of the stand. 

    Careful consideration of the recognisability of your business is essential, and some simple but important steps can help you with this:

    1. Give your stand a branded design

    Branding can help you to show the way you communicate with your customers and helps them understand what makes your product unique. By making your company’s corporate style a key element of the stand’s design, you will create your own world and can attract “your” people. 

    2. “Build high” to attract visitor traffic to your stand

    Your stand should be visible from afar. For this, use components that are taller than standard. Use banners, flags, illuminated signs or a projection dome – let it be a beacon for your business. Bear in mind that technical norms to be followed when installing such constructions, so you need to make sure that the organizers of the event can make your idea a reality. 

    3. Consider extra lighting for your stand

    The light in an exhibition pavilion may not be ideal. But even the most modern expo center will not be able to provide you with additional individual lighting. Creative illumination will give your stand increased visibility and will not only attract visitors but also concentrate their attention, emphasizing particular areas. 

    Remember that according to research, 46 percent of visitors make decisions on whether to buy a product while attending an expo, and 77 percent find new suppliers. 

    These three simple rules on a visual design for a stand at an exhibition pavilion are guaranteed to attract new buyers to your company while giving your established customers a pleasant surprise.

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