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    3+1 solutions to amaze everyone in 2019

    The start of a new year invites us not just to look forward to the excitement to come, but to reflect on the year that has passed. For 2018 was full of unique projects & events, bright experiences, and new technologies. After reviewing of achievements, we highlighted the three most important technologies of the year. These are the ideal tools to create unforgettable & unique dome experiences in 2019!

    VR dome for floor-to-floor projection

    virtual reality projection dome in LAA fully immersive experience requires either a headset, which isolates the viewer, or 360°x360° projection which requires the construction of a substantial, expensive, and permanent facility. To create portable shared immersive experiences we built the innovative floor-to-floor projection dome with ultra-low screen line – the VR DOME. Perfect for expos and trade shows, the VR Dome is also a new more affordable way to create a flying theater experience.

    Key features of VR DOME

    • uses 25% more of the dome for  projection;
    • low screen line;
    • fully immersive experiences.

    In & Out – external projection

    projection dome with external projection in created a new solution for events, parties, and festivals. This inflatable event dome is made from a special semi-transparent material, allowing the internal projection to be viewed externally too. This technology decreases event costs by reducing the number and power of projectors required, eliminating the need for projection towers around the outside of the dome, keeping equipment inside and out of the weather, avoiding running cables across busy pedestrian areas, and reducing setup and break-down times.

    Key features of semi-transparent dome

    • lower price for inflatable dome projection;
    • one-of-a-kind installation for festivals;
    • the quick and easy installation process.

    Frameless custom shaped screen

    projection dome with custom screen shapeHaving mastered the building of affordable and portable dome screens, in 2018 set about creating screens of different, irregular shapes. Our engineering team developed a new frameless technology to install our screens in any venue, be it a new attraction zone or existing building.

    Key features of the frameless screen:

    • rapid installation;
    • customized  screen shapes;
    • can be installed in an existing building without major structural work.

    A customized decorative cover provides a range of decorative dome ideas. Choose a decorative cover from our variety of existing designs or make your dome unique and fully reflect your vision or company branding.

    For 2019 our team can create:

    • full-color printed cover;
    • an inflatable cover in any shape;
    • partial dome cover;
    • dome cover with additional decorative elements;
    • decorative cover with stand-alone inflatable installations.

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