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The dome is great digital tool for brand activation and marketing, for presentations, for creating an interactive venue for audiences, or even for a new format of education. The dome content or activities inside the dome can be different depending on the goals. For many people the dome with its geometry of triangles, pentagons and hexagons is already eye-catching, but an outer dome cover can make a dome unique! The outer cover is an optional component that can be used not only providing water-resistance and extra insulation, but for decoration and reaching other goals. Here are some of the most popular reasons for using an outer dome cover:


Domes really stand out at business expos and trade shows and always end up in selfies and being covered in the media. Make the most of this opportunity by adding your company logo or branding to the outer cover. It is a three-dimensional canvas for spreading brand awareness.

Where to use: trade shows | exhibitions | conferences


Make a customized, fully-printed outer cover on a theme that matches what is shown inside the dome or to suit the event. Clever design and printing are affordable ways make a semi-permanent PVC dome look like a permanent structure.

Where to use: amusement areas | theme parks | science centers


The next possibility to realize your ideas, is to hide the dome inside an inflatable outer cover of a totally different shape. Our team can sew outer covers in the form of animals, flowers, or other objects. Perfect for smaller domes and big live events.

Where to use: exhibitions | amusement areas | live events | festivals


The most interesting way to use an outer cover at live events and festivals: project on the outside of the dome as well as the inside. Decorative, translucent domes can be internally lit during the day externally projected at night, to transfix the crowd at any time. Projection domes can also be externally projection mapped or be the canvas for live projection art. What could be better for festivals and parties?

Where to use: live events |festivals | parties

For more details about the design and uses of outer covers, please, contact our sales team: sales@fulldome.pro