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    When teachers at Panyaden School in Chiang Mai, Thailand were planning activities for their Media Magic study unit, they wanted a way to educate their students about how people communicate using 3D media. Fortunately for them, Fulldome.pro has a production studio, FullDomeLab right on their doorstep, so a field trip was exactly what was called for.

    During the visit the grade 1 students met members of the FullDomeLab team of professional 3D artists and animators, who showed them how they create some of the stunning images and scenes from our fulldome shows. After seeing the various stages of the production process, the students got to experience the finished product by lying back under the 3 meter open dome for a tour of the solar system using the Event Horizon digital planetarium. The students then learnt the story of Prince Gopal and the Govardhan Hill in the animated film Gopal: Prince of the Cow`s Planet, which was created by some of the animators they had met earlier. While enjoying refreshments, on the balcony of the main studio building, the group was filmed from our remote controlled Multicopter G12 Valkyrie. The students were enthralled as the drone hovered in front of them and flew out across the studio complex and the valley beyond. Next it was time for the students to star in their own film! The class split into smaller groups and each group was filmed in front of a green screen. After capturing all the action, one of our compositors combined the separate sequences into a single scene showing all the students together.

    After the busy morning the students and their teachers returned to school and the FullDomeLab team went back to creating more exciting content for our informative and entertaining fulldome shows.

    Not every school is fortunate enough to be located just around the corner from one of our production studios, but many schools are located within easy reach of a fulldome cinema and, with the range Fulldome.pro portable domes and projection systems, it may be possible to bring the cinema to the school! The fulldome format is not just for planetariums, although with our Event Horizon planetarium solution, it can be used specifically for educating audiences about the solar system and the stars beyond it. The ever growing range of fulldome content includes education materials covering topics from dinosaurs to the ocean depths. Through the use of immersive, fulldome content students can visit places and times that were previously not practical or possible.

    Located amidst rice paddies in Chiang Mai, Thailand, Panyaden School integrates Buddhist values and environmental mindfulness with a modern bilingual curriculum. For more information about Panyaden School visit: panyaden.ac.th

    Diameter 3m (10ft),
    seating capacity 4 people