Shared VR experience as a new business opportunity
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    New Possibilities for Business: the VR Showroom

    Technology has broadened the possibilities for doing business. Virtual reality, augmented reality and associated technology have been flooding our world for the last decade. It was only a matter of time until it reached the real-estate business. Read on and find out how to use a VR showroom to make your presentations and events better than ever.

    Virtual Reality Tours

    A decade ago, the ability to show a property to potential buyers without them physically visiting the premises seemed like something out of a science-fiction movie. With virtual reality technology, you can offer an immersive experience by projecting the house or property in VR for them to roam around freely. The multiple benefits of virtual reality for real-estate include:

    ·       Increasing the ROI of your sales force – you can create a single tool to be used by various members, thereby minimizing investment and maximizing your earnings.

    ·       Send a property to a buyer – here we’re talking virtually rather than literally. You can send the house as a virtual reality file that a buyer can even open and experience with their smartphone (depending on the brand and specifications).

    ·       Show unbuilt properties before the first brick has even been laid – With a virtual reality tour of a property that has not yet been built, you can attract buyers more easily and even begin selling before you start building.

    ·       Show your properties anywhere – with the correct virtual reality file, the right smartphone and a VR accessory, you can show a property anywhere.

    How to create a VR showroom

    The secret to a good VR showroom is that the place and the app are designed for each other. This is crucial because any kind of external noise or disturbance might disrupt the entire experience, disconnecting the client from the immersion.

    The network connection in your VR room needs to be strong and steady to ensure all the visitors get the best experience possible. Ideally, you should wire the room with the same connections gamers use for playing online.

    You can create a VR showroom for one person, or you can use a VR projection dome with a low screen line instead. The projection dome has all the advantages of the VR showroom and also provides shared-group VR experiences.

    Get a VR showroom or a VR projection dome and take your business’s leverage to the next level.

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