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    How to build a 35M dome venue in 6 days?

    Not so far ago Kanye West decided not to take part in a huge US music festival.  The festival refused to provide the musician with a dome that could house his performance. The reason they denied him the dome – too little time to set up a dome of that size.

    …Well, now is a perfect time to explain one of the advantages which can provide – quick and easy installation and setup.

    How to build a giant dome in 6 days?

    Usually, the geodesic dome companies ask for 2-3 weeks to setup and install their big domes (starting from 12M ( 39ft) in diameter). Heavy tubes, manual assembly & the height of the dome – every detail makes the process of installation longer. It is extremely easy to install and set up our geodesic domes. There are a few advantages that make domes by a great choice for temporary installations:

    • super light but strong aircraft-grade aluminum tubes;
    • patented universal connectors;
    • unique fast auto-calibration system.

    Aircraft aluminum tubes

    Geodesic dome construction consists of two main things: tubes and connectors. Big domes are used outside very often (because of their height), it has to be stable and wind-resistant. Dome companies use heavy materials to survive the outdoors. But because of the general weight of tubes, the process of transportation and installation become difficult and long-lasting. We use aircraft-grade aluminum which makes the frame very lightweight but extremely strong and durable.

    dome diy

    Connectors for the domes

    The most common version connectors for big domes is the “one bolt”. It means, that an installation team has to assemble tubes and bolts and after – assemble all details together. Because of the laboriousness of the installation process and the weight of the construction, it might take up to 1 month and a big team to build up the dome.

    geodesic dome connectors

    “We created a special model of the universal connector, which decreases the installation time to 3-6 days (depends on the dome and team size). The connectors are made from polycarbonate, which makes them very light but still very strong”

    Neil Davenport, head of clients support

    Due to our technology, it takes only 6 days, 6-8 people and 1 crane to build and setup 35M (115ft) dome.


    All of the systems are equipped with our fully automatic, vision-based projection alignment system. The calibration process takes up to 15 minutes and includes all the 5 stages:

    • Geometric alignment
    • Edge Blending
    • Brightness uniformity
    • Gamma matching
    • Black level compensation

    Fast auto-calibration is extremely important when the dome is being used in live events and festivals and you are limited with time. When replacing or adjusting a projector it only takes one click to recalibrate.

    Diameter 35m (115ft)
    standing capacity up to 1500 people

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