How to make your event interesting and different
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    Fresh Ideas to Add to Your Live Event

    Event organizers are finding that in the digital age, visitors are becoming increasingly demanding. If you want to be on top of the game, you have to make sure your event includes some kind of virtual reality or augmented reality technology.

    Virtual Reality

    In the extreme side of the digital reality, we find virtual reality, which is replacing reality with another one created digitally. Within this spectrum, you can offer different activities.


    Events such as the Tribeca Film Festival have shown how virtual reality can be used in combination with movie screenings. This offers the same experience as being at a film festival, surrounded by leading producers and directors, while sitting comfortably in another venue. Immersive screenings could be revolutionary for the film industry.

    Live Shows

    The world’s biggest festivals, such as Coachella, offer you the immersive experience of being in front of a huge stage with a screaming crowd and your favorite band onstage. Making a live show part of your event could boost attendance by thousands.

    Projection Dome

    The use of projection domes is great for those who want to provide their guests with a 360° concert experience. You can use a dome for streaming from a stage or even reproduce a random show, concert or performance.

    Augmenting Events

    Augmented reality is the other side of the spectrum, the closest thing to an opposite to what we call physical reality. Augmented reality has taken over the app world in the last five years, with Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat now offering augmented reality features to their millions of users.

    Themed Games

    One of the many possible uses of augmented reality at an event is themed games. Designing the content of a themed game to match your event shouldn´t be so expensive, and it can be a great way of attracting attention. The Pokemon Go revolution is a good example of augmented reality games.

    Exclusive Add-Ons

    Offering exclusive augmented reality add-ons to use in sync with the logo and colors of your event and festival could be a tool to make it even more massive.

    Mixed Reality

    Mixed reality is an environment created using elements of augmented, physical and virtual reality.


    Unlike augmented reality, holograms do not require a phone interface to be seen. While they are not part of physical reality, they are not digital reality either. Using holograms at your event could make it an extremely memorable occasion for your guests.

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