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    Domes for Tourism Promotion

    Supercharge your destination promotion with a projection dome

    Few industries are as cluttered or competitive as the travel industry, particularly in this post-pandemic, travel-crazy period. So in the current climate, how can destinations, high-end resorts, and tourism boards set themselves apart from a myriad of worthy competitors and remain top of mind to potential tourists?

    When it comes to promoting tourism destinations and experiences, nothing beats the power of visualization. Thanks to immersive projection domes, visitors can now get an amazing sense of what it’s like to be in an unfamiliar or far-flung destination, without even stepping foot in the country! Whether viewing Niagara Falls in real-time or experiencing a breathtaking alpine sunrise, projection domes help bring potential tourists and industry insiders one step closer to booking a trip. Panoramic displays of images accompanied by native sounds and intense sensory experiences, in a dome can even influence visitors into booking a trip when previously the destination wasn’t even on their radar!

    So if you’re looking for an edge in the highly competitive tourism industry, start exploring what projection domes can do for your resort or destination. You won’t be disappointed!

    Who uses domes for tourism promotions?

    Through the years, our clients have included tourist boards, high-end resorts, and government bodies. Projection domes offer a unique and customisable venue to showcase beautiful wrap-around images, inspiring audiences to visit in person.

    How can projection domes be used for tourism promotion purposes?

    Projection domes come in a range of different shapes and sizes and can be installed quickly and easily, just about anywhere. We frequently install them at tourism trade shows, expos, and industry events, as well as in shopping centers and public locations that receive plenty of footfall. As well as being an eye-catching centerpiece at any event, domes also provide a collaborative platform from which visitors can exchange feedback, ideas, and recommendations.

    Are domes for tourism promotion effective?

    Having previously installed projection domes for the Abu Dhabi Tourism Board in Shanghai, for Tourism South Africa in Sydney, Australia, and for Tourism Taiwan in Bangkok, we know that they pack a promotional punch! They’re proven to attract large crowds, create a buzz on social media, and dramatically increase interest in visiting a destination in the future.

    How do I organise customised 4D content to promote my destination or tourism experience? 

    We are a one-stop shop when it comes to projection domes. Our talented team can design, engineer, install and create unique, mind-blowing 4D content for virtual tourism experiences. We’re also really proud of our high level of after-sales care.


    I’d like to create a destination dome experience for an upcoming event. What lead time is required?


    For small and medium standard domes (under 14M diameter), the answer is usually 30 days. However, for customized or really huge domes, there are a couple of other factors that come into play, extending the lead time to 3 months or even sometimes 9 months. We hold stock of standard small and medium domes and projection systems. Still, many customers require some element of customization, whether it’s a branded dome cover, a specific projection system, or a non-standard dome diameter to fit a specific space.


    With its immersive displays and cutting-edge technology, the projection dome has quickly become one of the most effective tools for travel marketing today. The secret to truly harnessing the promotional power of projection domes is creating a unique experience that uses the senses to virtually transport visitors to the destination. It’s perfectly possible these days to be physically in Sydney but on a virtual safari in South Africa, or in Shanghai but realistically floating above the mesmerising deserts of Abu Dhabi. Speak to our team today about how we can best showcase your destination to your target audience in 4D!

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