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    Digital Exhibitions: The 5 Best Immersive Exhibitions from Around the World

    There are several hundred, if not thousands, of exhibitions happening around the world every year. Each of them hopes to beat the others by introducing new elements, technology or design. Naturally, some of these concepts impressed us more than others. After giving careful consideration to the thought process and the time, effort, and technology that went into the planning of these exhibitions, as well as how they turned out in the end, here are our top picks from all around the world.

    Samskara | Location: Los Angeles

    The Samskara exhibition might have come and gone (for now), but it will always remain fresh in the hearts of those who were immersed in the day’s activities. Unlike many others, this exhibition was designed to be an engaging experience with the use of dome technology. This was followed by a 360-degree screening of the Samskara show, and at the end of the day, guests were treated to an interactive VR gaming session. If that’s not one of the best exhibitions ever, we don’t know what is.

    Starry Night | Location: Paris

    If you were mesmerised by what Samskara had to offer, you’d be blown away by the sheer brilliance of Starry Night. This exhibition was built around the significant works of a minor artist – at least, that was what Van Gogh was before his death. The 360-degree visual experience is such that guests are made to not only experience the paintings but live inside them. Even if you’re not an art aficionado, this experience is sure to bring out your hidden love for this Dutch master.

    QR Scan Art | Location: Venice

    A lot of thought went into the planning of the 2012 Architecture Biennale. You probably see QR codes as a way of getting onto websites and apps from your smartphone, so you might be surprised to hear that they can also be used as a way of finding out about architecture. The entire Russian Pavilion was covered with these codes, allowing guests to pull up any information they wanted about the high-tech city being built outside Moscow at the time (Skolkovo)

    Story of the Forest | Location: Singapore

    For those who were lucky enough to be at this exhibition, it was not only immersive but interactive. The walls of the museum were covered with large screens that spiralled into one another almost seamlessly to the naked eye. As you walked through the forest, you could use the dedicated “Story of the Forest” app on your mobile phone to learn more about the various animals that live there. Did we mention just how immersive this experience was?

    A Gift for Athena | Location: The British Museum

    This might not be available to the general public yet, but it’s worth mentioning. “A Gift for Athena” combines AR with a dedicated tablet and smartphone app, meaning you can now walk through the British Museum and get the best experience even without a tour guide. All you have to do is point your device’s camera at an artefact of your choice while running the dedicated app. The app recognises the object and provides you with instant facts and data about it. If this tech is developed to a bigger scale, there’s no telling how well it can be adapted to other purposes.

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