VR/AR technology for festivals
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    How Festivals Can Boost Numbers by Using VR/AR

    AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) are two of the trending buzzwords in the technology industry. Since these technologies are brand-new, they are capable of creating a stir across multiple sectors. This is the reason a vast number of industries out there are adopting these revolutionary technologies for enhancing overall user experiences.

    If you are involved in the event marketing business, it is high time that you should consider adopting AR/VR technology for events and festivals for enhancing the user experience. Whether these technologies are used alone or in tandem, AR/VR technology is sure to engage as well as excite attendees.

    Coachella Music Festival

    We’ve all heard of the world-famous Coachella festival in the United States. The renowned music and arts festival made use of the growing popularity of VR this year and last year by launching its new app. The festival also delivered Google Cardboard handsets to festivalgoers in addition to the tickets. Coachella has also become a recognized music festival through the use of its exclusive “Antarctic Dome” – the largest VR-based geodesic projection dome in the world. The dome created “Chrysalis,” an advanced eight-minute audiovisual program that was projected in full-end 360 degrees to create the most impactful immersive experience for the audience.

    In addition to the Coachella Music Festival, there are other festivals and events around the world as well that are aiming to adopt this revolutionary AR/VR technology. Here are some more reasons why, as an event marketing professional, you can boost visitor numbers with AR/VR technology at festivals or events.

    •    Providing Peace of Mind:

    While VR is great, there are specific security concerns that the given technology might have for festivalgoers. Because of the overall immersive experience offered by the VR technology, guests are required to enter a submissive state of mind to leave behind their world altogether. This puts them at risk of forgetting to collect their wallets, smartphones, and other essential belongings after leaving the VR event. To make them feel more comfortable, the marketing professionals can aim at creating a secure VR experience.

    •    Creating a One-of-a-Kind Experience:

    When it comes to ensuring the overall success of your event or festival, it’s all about creating a one-of-a-kind experience for your guests. If you are thinking of installing a separate photo booth or something similar at your event, advanced AR/VR technology can come to your rescue. When you provide visitors with VR-like experiences, it helps them enjoy the event even more.

    •    Virtual Attendance:

    Given the rapid advancements in high-end telepresence tools, event organizers can look forward to making it easier for guests to attend a festival or event virtually or remotely. There are AR/VR robots that can be made available to VIP guests who might be unable to participate in the event if it clashes with their busy schedules.

    AR/VR technology has a bright future and has the potential to be both useful and lucrative for event organizers. Could you make the most of it?

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