Fulldome.pro shows at Astra Film Festival
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    Astra Film Festival in Sibiu, Romania. October 14th-20th.

    We are happy to announce that two Fulldome.pro shows are being presented at Astra Film Festival in Sibiu, Romania.

    This major event in the European documentary film community is taking place on October 14-20.

    The Festival champions that particular type of engaged cinema, which produces a detailed and intimate account of the human condition in the form of powerful cinematic stories.

    In the special section called The Future is Today, the Dome, a space dedicated to immersive stories at Astra Film Festival, will present films that employ immersive technologies in order to be able to go deep into the concept at hand and to raise awareness on the subjects tackled by the documentaries, offering the audience a unique experience.

    Our fulldome movies

    The Festival’s choice fell on Luminokaya – a psychedelic story of Angkor Wat, and The Snowflake Adventure – immersive ride through the snowy wonderland.


    Amazing psychedelic art, created by Luminokaya Lab and 360ART.PRO, which includes a variety of symbols,

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