The enclosed dome, built by as part of the Museum of Visionary Artists gallery, survived several sand and dust storms at this year’s annual gathering in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada. Tanya Skwo attended the gathering as the Art Director of SAMSKARA, a collaboration between US visionarydigital artist Android Jones and FulldomeLab in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The film combines Android Jones’ amazing digital art with a kaleidoscope of sacred geometry to create an immersive, three dimensional experience.

The work had been previewed on a 5 meter dome at the Lightning In a Bottle festival earlier in the year, but this was the first time festival-goers had the opportunity to see the full 16-minute work. The 6,500 people who were lucky enough to experience the work on the 7 meter dome in 3K resolution were transfixed as the previously still images were given new depth and came to life under Tanya’s direction. “It was great to experience Samskara in a 7 meter dome, (see…(the work) … on the … dome … and the audience …(reaction was…) ” said Tanya. “This year’s gathering was subject to some strong winds, leading to sand and dust storms. The dome withstood the storms and provided attendees with a welcome refuge as well as the latest in fulldome art.”

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