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    Samsung AI Phone Promotion

    Samsung Promotes its Groundbreaking Galaxy AI Phone Technology in a Dome

    Canada | 2024

    Showcasing AI interactivity

    When Samsung launched its latest phone to the Canadian market, it opted for an interactive approach to demonstrate its new AI technology to the public. The company installed a 5M enclosed dome in popular shopping centers in both Toronto and Montreal.


    • 5M Projection Dome
    • 4K Projection system

    What did the general public experience?

    Passersby were invited into the dome to experience and test out the phone’s new capabilities. Inside, they could utilise the 360 show to evaluate low-light camera performance, AI-assisted image search capabilities, and AI-assisted live translation features on the phone.

    A powerful tool for product launches

    Projection domes serve as captivating promotional tools to elevate product launches and brand activations in both indoor and outdoor settings. They are especially effective in helping technologically advanced companies promote new products and services.

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