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    Casagrand Residential Development

    Luxury Real Estate Developer Installs a 14m Immersive Theater

    India | 2024

    A Real Estate Developer with a Vision

    Casagrand, a renowned real estate developer in Chennai, South India, has integrated an immersive dome theater into its latest luxury development as part of its available amenities. The 14m Super Reality Dome complements the luxurious apartments, expansive parks, and educational institutions within the complex, setting it apart from other developments in the area. 


    • 14m Super Reality Dome
    • 4K Projection system

    A Promotional Drawcard

    The dome’s presence has sparked a huge buzz on social media, attracting prospective clients to check out apartments available for purchase.

    360 Cinema Experience on your Doorstep

    In the long term, the lucky residents of Casagrand’s new development will enjoy easy access to 360 movie nights and education shows for the whole family. 

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