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    When media-based attractions production studio, Triangle Lab approached us about building a vertical projection dome to test their innovative immersive content, we jumped at the opportunity to work on another groundbreaking project in South Korea.

    In partnership with Studio EON, Triangle Lab creates customized media-based attractions using motion simulators, and high-quality, immersive projection dome screens. Studio EON is world-renowned for its top-quality CGI production, as well as for developing IP for the Armoured Saurus TV series.

    Inspired by the enormous 20M flying theatre fulldome.pro installed at Masan Robot Land in Masan in 2019, Senior management and creative teams at TriangleLab engaged us to deliver their very own inhouse 8M vertical projection dome.

    What is the 8M vertical dome used for?

    The 8m vertical dome was built as a high-quality prototype to enable testing of future content for large-scale immersive attractions. Dome screens provide a highly interactive and immersive experience, so our clients knew that if the content worked well on an 8M dome screen, it would be absolutely mindblowing in an even larger format. Essentially, the dome gave them the ability to test ideas and find out what type of content worked best.

    Biggest challenge

    Vertical screens can be challenging, particularly from a stability perspective. Fulldome.pro’s engineering team worked seamlessly with the production teams at Triangle Lab and Studio EON to install the dome in just three days.

    For this project, our engineers custom-designed an aluminum truss that was attached to the walls of the building to support the complete dome screen structure. The projection system and the sound system were also mounted on this truss.

    In total 8 Christie laser projectors were installed to produce 4K dome content resolution. The usually complex and time-consuming calibration process was completed in just 20 minutes, thanks to Fulldome.pro’s automatic calibration software.

    We can’t wait to see what kind of incredible content Triangle Lab and Studio EON develop as a result of their 8M vertical dome prototype.

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