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    Massive Flying Theater for the world-class robot theme park

    The largest flying theater in South Korea with the first frameless dome screen is now open in Masan Robot Land, the world-class robot theme park that combines robotics technology and entertainment.

    To create this immersive and exciting attraction, built a massive 20-meter frameless dome screen with the stunning high-quality 4K projection system. The flying theater is the most popular attraction in the park, and for a good reason. It is a state-of-the-art system that combines the latest technology with a breathtaking experience.


    Surely, this was a unique and exciting project for our team at

    The client, Digital Technology Co Ltd, contacted us with the idea of creating an extraordinary flying theater experience. They needed a solution that could fit their budget, limited space for the theater, and that could be done in a restricted timeframe.


    We are always ready for a customized, challenging project like this one. After careful consideration of the specifics for this request, our team of engineers created the solution that satisfied all the requirements. We proposed to the client a 20-meter flying theater with a frameless negative-pressure dome screen on a customized truss.

    New technology for a frameless screen

    Our team of engineers designed a first of its kind frameless fulldome negative-pressure screen that met all the needs of the client in terms of high-quality image and quick installation.


    This screen is also more cost-effective when it comes to service and maintenance.

    Customized 3 in 1 truss

    Because of the specific structure of the building, we had to figure out how to install the fulldome screen without additional loads on the walls. 


    Our engineers created a unique aluminum truss that supported the screen, projectors and AV system, and had a safe internal catwalk for the technicians to do the maintenance of the projectors at a 20-meter height — a genius solution to a complex problem.

    Fully-automated calibration software

    We used our special fully-automated calibration technology, which makes the calibration process quick and easy. 


    This technology allows us to work with any projectors on the market. It took us only 30 minutes to calibrate eight Christie, even though it was our first time working with this model.  

    The final step was to synchronize video with motion seats from MediaMation. MediaMation is a leading supplier and manufacturer of patented technology for 4D Motion EFX theatres and seats, including MX4D programming for feature films and shorts, motion enhanced esports theatre/arenas, VR motion attractions and dynamic Flying Theatres.

    Our client, together with the members of our team, who had experienced many different flying theater attractions and could even be called “flying theater connoisseurs,” were the first ones to test the completed project. Everyone was extremely impressed!

    The visitors of the park share this excitement and call it the best flying theater they have ever experienced. The Flying theater is the key attraction in the park providing magical immersive entertainment for the guests. 

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