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    What is a projection dome?
    A projection dome is a hemispherical structure designed to project wrap-around images or videos onto its inner and outer surfaces. Projection domes create a group 360 VR immersive experience without the need for VR goggles.
    How can a projection dome be used?
    Projection domes are most commonly used for events, parties, festivals, planetariums and education, theme parks and attractions, museums and art galleries, brand activations, and tourism promotions. But in reality, projection dome technology can be applied to any project or industry globally.
    Why choose a Fulldome.pro projection dome system?
    We’re a full-service provider, which means we’re a one-stop shop for all your projection dome needs. We supply high-quality, lightweight domes, compact powerful service, and custom-made immersive content at highly competitive prices. Moreover, every project is assigned an experienced project manager to assist customers every step of the way.
    Can you purchase domes, content, and servers separately?
    Yes, we’re a full-service provider, meaning we’re suppliers of domes, servers, and content, but we’re happy to supply any of these three elements separately.
    Do you work with 3rd party suppliers?
    Yes, we’re always happy to work with 3rd party suppliers of screens, content, or projection servers.


    Can you rent a dome?
    Yes, you can rent a dome for any timeframe, although if the rental period exceeds 15 days it’s generally more cost-effective to purchase the dome instead.
    What’s included when you rent a dome?
    With the rental of any Fulldome.pro system, the following is included:

    • Projection dome
    • Fulldome.pro server (+ a backup server)
    • FREE Content Starter Package - 20 immersive shows uploaded to your server
    • Installation and alignment of equipment
    What’s included when you buy a dome?
    The following is included when you buy a Fulldome.pro system:

    • Projection dome
    • Fulldome.pro server
    • FREE Content Starter Package - 20 immersive shows uploaded to your server
    • Access to a large library of 360 content at highly competitive prices
    • Opportunity to create custom content with 360ART, Fulldome.pro’s award-winning content studio
    • Installation & alignment of equipment
    • Training and promo materials
    • Comprehensive service contract with a 3-year server warranty
    How much does it cost to rent or buy a dome?
    Dome costs vary depending on the size, configuration, and projection server used within the dome. Browse the 360 Projection Domes page of our website for a full guide to dome size and capacity. We’re happy to supply free quotes on request.
    Is it more cost-effective to rent or buy a dome?
    It depends on how long you’re intending to use the dome. If you need it for more than 15 days, it’s generally more cost-effective to buy rather than rent one of our domes.


    Are your domes portable?
    Yes, our domes are incredibly lightweight and portable, easily fitting into a small bag that can be carried as hand luggage or checked in on a plane, depending on the dome size.
    Does Fulldome.pro supply temporary domes?
    Yes, we supply temporary pop-up domes of any shape or size. Our simple yet durable connector system and revolutionary 15-minute automatic calibration system mean that our domes can be assembled and disassembled in just a matter of hours.
    Does Fulldome.pro supply fixed domes?
    Yes, we supply fixed domes for permanent installations, as well as retrofitting them to existing spaces, giving new life to older dome theaters.
    Can a temporary dome be converted to a fixed dome?
    Yes, in most cases temporary domes can be converted into fixed domes. Generally, adjustments need to be made to the outer shell to ensure that it can withstand various long-term weather conditions, as well as to the seating, flooring, climate control, and truss.


    How many people can fit in a dome?
    The capacity of a dome depends on several factors, including dome size and whether an audience is seated or standing. Domes range in size from 1.5m up to 35m+ in diameter. Our smallest 1.5m domes have a capacity of 4 people max, whilst our largest festival and party domes can accommodate over 1000 people. For more information on dome capacity, visit the 360 Projection Domes page.
    What’s the capacity of a dome on an hourly basis?
    The capacity of a dome on an hourly basis depends on the size of the dome and the length of the show. For example, a typical 360 ride for a theme park is 5-10 minutes, while a planetarium or a 360 cinema show is 20-25 minutes. Our professional team of experts will help maximize your dome’s usage by custom-designing the ideal venue and program of shows.
    Once a dome is installed, can the capacity be altered?
    Yes, the capacity of a dome can be altered by changing the seating arrangement. For example, an 8M dome can be configured as a 360 dome cinema with 35 cinema chairs. Alternatively, it can be changed to have relaxed beanbag seating that accommodates a far larger audience. If your target audience is kids, then a dome capacity is even greater.
    How big is your largest dome?
    The largest dome we can make is 90m (295 feet) in diameter with a capacity of approximately 5000.


    What’s the difference between your 4 different servers?
    Our servers vary in size and capacity and cater to different dome sizes:

    • Nano - Up to 16 full HD projectors, 4K resolution, Fulldome Live option not available
    • Mini - Up to 16 full HD projectors, 4K resolution + Fulldome Live option available
    • Power - Up to 64 full HD projectors, 8K resolution +Fulldome Live option available
    • Ultimate - Up to 64 full HD projectors, 8K resolution, server rack +Fulldome Live option
    What is Fulldome Live?
    Fulldome Live is our video-capturing technology that enables the previewing of fulldome content without slicing, encoding, or rendering. This allows for streaming of up to 4k resolution in real-time, directly from your computer.


    How do I source content for my dome?
    When it comes to projection dome content, there are four different ways in which it can be sourced, depending on your timeframe, budget, and project purpose.

    1. Content can be custom-made in collaboration with our award-winning design studio, 360ART;
    2. It can be licensed from the original creators for an agreed fee;
    3. License-free content can be screened for free - yes, free content does exist!;
    4. And for smaller-sized domes, existing flatscreen footage can sometimes be converted to 360 dome footage
    Do you also create custom-made content?
    Yes, Fulldome.pro has its own in-house design studio, 360ART, that specialises in creating custom 360 content for domes of any size.
    How do I access license-free dome content?
    Here at Fulldome.pro we’ve collated all the best free projection dome content that’s ever been made. We supply this to all our customers in the form of our FREE Content Starter Package.
    What content is included in the Free Starter Package?
    There are 46 free shows included in the Free Starter Package
    For how long are shows in the Starter Package free?
    All shows have different free usage periods. Some may allow 20 free screenings, while others offer unlimited free screenings for up to a period of five years.
    How do I buy new Fulldome.pro content?
    Contact our project managers to purchase new Fulldome.pro content.
    What types of content do you offer?
    We offer a range of shows that include, visual shows, rides, astronomy, etc. Visit the Fulldome Shows page to view our full library.
    Can I screen my own content in the dome? Are there specs I should follow?
    Yes, you supply your own content in the dome or provide it through a 3rd party. However, it must be supplied in a dome master file format and be suitable for fisheye projection. Content resolution should also be suitable for the projection server used.
    Can I only pay for content that I use?
    Yes, it’s possible to only pay for the content you use.
    How much does it cost to convert flat videos into dome content?
    The cost of converting flat videos into dome content depends on the complexity, duration, and special requirements of the video. The price starts from $10,000 per minute.


    What are the sound system options?
    Sound is a crucial part of any cinema experience and even more important in a fulldome environment. Choose from a 5.1 digital surround system, a 10.1 digital surround sound system, or the Fulldome.pro custom-designed 360° immersive digital sound system.
    Can I customise the outer cover of a dome?

    Yes, here are the key ways in which the outer cover of a dome can be customised:

    • Decorative layer of any shape or color
    • Application of logos and branding
    • Decorative cover with full-colour printing
    • Animated company logos played in fulldome format at the start and end of each show
    What are the seating options?
    1. Cinema seats: Offering great comfort and a slight recline for optimum visibility. Padded armrests that include cup holders to reduce spillage and mess.
    2. Motion effect seats: Multi-sensory seats that tilt, roll, pitch, vibrate, and even tickle, sometimes in combination; turning a show into a ride. Seats are comfortable and include a safety belt. For added realism, effects including wind, smoke, bubbles, and mist can be added.
    3. Bean bags: Affordable, lightweight, and amazingly comfortable, bean bags create a relaxed atmosphere and are ideal for dome festivals, dome parties, and 360 dome cinema.
    What are the door options?
    Curtains made of blackout fabric and or lockable door.
    Do you offer thermal and sound insulation?
    Yes, our team can install thermal insulation as well as climate control, flooring, and a special doorway, to keep the warmth in and the cold out.
    Is it possible to project on the outside of the dome?
    Yes, it’s possible to include external projection on the dome cover at night.
    Can you install ventilation and heating and cooling systems in the dome?
    Yes, we can install an air conditioning unit or heating system at an additional cost. You can also opt to install your own heating and cooling system.


    What are the electricity requirements for a dome?

    The power consumption of a projection dome depends on the number and type of projectors used, as well as the server type and the sound system. Here are 3 examples:

    • The Fulldome.pro standard DX4 3K system requires 2.8 kW, with 4 standard DLP projectors, 3000 ANSI lumens each, and 5.1 sound system. The server power is 180 watts
    • An LDX8 4K system requires up to 5 kW, with 8 laser projectors, 5000 ANSI lumens each, and a 5.1 sound system
    • An LDX12PRO 5K system needs up to 8 kW with 12 professional laser projectors, 6000 ANSI lumens each, 7.2.4 sound system, and dynamic cover lighting


    What are the impacts of the weather on a projection dome?
    Can a dome be used in the rain?
    Yes, a projection dome can be used in the rain. The standard cover is water-resistant but not designed for use in heavy rain. If rain is expected we recommend using an additional lightweight cover to protect the dome. If heavy rain is expected a waterproof PVC cover should be used instead of the regular cover. We frequently get caught out with unexpected wet weather during dome rentals and can continue to operate without any problems.
    Can a dome be used in a thunderstorm?
    We recommend erring on the side of caution and not operating a dome during a thunderstorm. With extensive electrical equipment in use, if lightning were to strike near the dome, there could be a power surge that would endanger people and damage the equipment.
    Can domes be used in high winds?
    Regulations regarding temporary structures and how they should be secured vary from place to place. They may be set at a state/provincial level or even at a local level. Our domes are manufactured to withstand high winds, but event organizers must seek approvals from the relevant authorities for how the dome should be secured (e.g., length and number of augers, total weight of ballast).
    Can domes be used in snow storms?
    Our portable domes are not rated for snow loads. If used in snowy conditions, snow should not be allowed to build up on the top or against the sides of the dome.
    Can water get into the perimeter of the dome?
    No, water shouldn’t get into the perimeter of the dome because it has a skirt designed to prevent light leaking. This skirt keeps water from running off the dome from passing directly under the perimeter. However, if heavy rain and water pooling on the ground do occur, some water may pass under the perimeter and enter the dome. If rain is expected sandbags can be placed on the skirt to reduce the likelihood of water entering the dome.
    Can outdoor domes withstand all weather conditions?
    Yes, our domes are designed to withstand all weather conditions, thanks to our expertly engineered wind and snow load calculations. Whether installed in the Sahara or Siberia, our domes will keep audiences comfortable and protected year-round. Outdoor dome installations include a waterproof PVC cover and an optional heating and cooling system.


    Are your domes fire-retardant?
    Yes, all of our domes are manufactured with fire retardant materials meeting all International safety codes. Fulldome.pro has EU fire safety certificates, making our product suitable for installation in all public and private venues.
    Do you provide installation requirements for anchoring for outdoor domes?
    Yes, if the installation is outdoors, we provide you with the installation requirements such as anchoring and ballast for the dome.
    Are the materials you use certified?
    At Fulldome.pro, safety is our top priority. We exclusively rely on reputable European suppliers for fire and water-resistant fabrics, and all materials used have been certified for quality and compliance. Our metal also meets certification standards. Furthermore, our company holds certification from the EU architect bureau. All certificates and fire tests are available for our customers on request.
    Do your products come with a warranty?
    Yes, we provide a 1-year warranty for all Fulldome.pro servers and projection domes. Customers can also opt for an additional agreement for equipment service and broken parts replacement for 3 years. Generally, projectors, sound systems, and UPS are bought locally, in the country of installation, so the client should be covered with a seller's warranty.


    How can a dome generate revenue?
    360-projection domes capture people’s attention like no other media has before. With their easily changeable digital content, projection domes attract new audiences and keep existing audiences coming back for more. Adding a versatile dome theater to an existing business generally increases foot traffic exponentially and generates additional income.
    How long does it take for a dome to pay for itself?
    It usually takes between 7 and 10 months for a fully operating dome to pay for itself. The variables used to calculate ROI vary according to local market conditions. By using the following equation you can calculate average profits for your particular market:
    • Take the purchase price of the dome
    • Subtract your chosen number of seats, price per ticket, average load (attendance), number of shows per day, staff expenses, real estate rental, and electricity
    • And Voila! You arrive at your daily profit.

    The average daily profit for 8m to 10m domes ranges between $300 and $750 per day. Based on a six-day operating schedule, the dome will be fully paid for within the first ten months of operation.


    How long does it take to receive delivery of a dome?
    From the day of order, it usually takes between 60 and 90 days to receive delivery of a dome. However, if you’re working to a tight deadline, the lead time can be reduced for an additional cost.


    What are the installation costs?
    Installation is free with the purchase or hire of any of our domes. However, equipment delivery and accommodation costs, plus the cost of transportation of technical specialists are covered by the client. The size of an assembly team depends on the size of the dome.
    Can we install the dome ourselves?
    Of course! We are happy for customers to install your own domes, once they’ve completed their free installation training with us. A detailed installation manual is also supplied alongside training.
    How long does it take to install a dome?
    The duration of assembly depends on the size of the dome - the larger a dome the longer it takes. For example, a small dome of 1.5m - 7m can be installed by two people in just two or three hours. A larger dome of 10m+ requires more time, more people, and special equipment.
    Do you provide training to install your domes?
    Yes, we do provide training for the installation of our domes


    What are your payment terms?

    Standard payment terms for rental:
    75% - upon signing a contract
    25% - within 7 calendar days before installation

    Standard payment terms for purchase:
    50% - upon signing a contract
    40% - upon shipment and before installation
    10% - within 3 business days after installation
    Do you offer financing services?
    For planetariums, science centers, and educational institutions we offer special leasing terms.

    Purchase a 360 planetarium dome set with a 50% down payment and choose a flexible, 0% interest payment schedule for the balance.
    What payment methods do you accept?
    We accept payment via bank transfer and PayPal

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