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    Bulgarian Wine Bar Immerses All The Senses

    Midalidare Estate is situated in and around the village of Mogilovo in Bulgaria’s Thracian Lowlands, one of the oldest winemaking regions in the world. The estate has four vineyards with many grape varieties and three wineries, producing a wide range of red and white wines. Visitors to Midalidare can enjoy winery tours and wine tastings, dine at the Gastro Pub and even stay at the estate’s own hotel.

    A ceiling to inspire

    The degustation room at Midalidare Estate’s new sparkling wine complex in Mogilovo, Bulgaria is crowned by a 9.6-meter diameter concrete dome. They approached to see what could be done in the space.
    The team advised Midalidare on the optimum shade of paint for the inside of the concrete dome and designed a projection system to suit. We also provided specifications for a cove to be built beneath the edge of the dome to hide the projection equipment.
    “We need an entertainment system to accompany our tasting.
    The idea is not to focus on it but to make it a pleasant and interesting background.”
    Midalidare Estate team

    Ease of installation in difficult times

    In May, we sent a single technician from Ukraine to Mogilovo, to install the system. Usually we would send a larger team, but due to the difficulties of travel during the COVID pandemic, only one was available. 

    The technician carried all the equipment with him and even though he was working alone completed the installation and trained the winery staff in just a few days. There was even a bit of time spare to enjoy some wine.

    Dome offers a taste of things to come

    The result exceeded the client’s expectations and the dome has indeed become a focus of the degustation room. Realizing the potential of the dome for immersive storytelling, Midalidare has sought out to create content for the dome to tell the story of the estate and the surrounding region.
    “We’d like to express our gratitude and deep satisfaction with the work of From the beginning when you helped Midalidare to choose the optimal equipment configuration, through the site preparation while giving us precise advice, to the gorgeous finale when we witnessed the amazing cinematic effects, we faced no troubles and felt secure under your guidance.

    Your professional approach, fast responses, easy-going and friendly manners made this project happen, in spite of difficult times of the worldwide pandemic and restrictions.”
    Midalidare Estate team

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