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    Projection technologies for Terra Exhibit at Ithra in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

    In May 2021, Saudi Arabia witnessed the opening of the unique Terra Exhibit at the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture – also known as Ithra – in Dhahran. Terra Exhibit showcases the work of various international artists who focus on sustainability. It will be open until September.

    The idea for Terra Exhibit appeared after the creators of the exhibition visited the Arcadia Earth exhibition in New York — a next-generation art exhibition designed to reignite the conversation around biggest environmental threats facing our planet.

    Sustainability through an immersive, visually stunning utopia.

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    From New York to Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

    The original Arcadia Earth exhibition provided an XR (Extended Reality) experience, including augmented reality, virtual reality, and projection mapping. But the organizers of the new show in Saudi Arabia wanted to make the journey even more immersive …and to realize their ideas they decided to use projection domes! At the beginning of 2021, Terra contacted to provide domes and projection.

    Preparations went smoothly with two domes being manufactured, projection systems designed and assembled, and shipping to site arranged in quick time. However, when it came to assembling our installation team, the world was still impacted by the COVID pandemic. With many countries placing restrictions and conditions on incoming and returning travellers, putting a team together was quite a challenge. The luxury of having offices around the world meant we could choose team members from different countries. So, we created a small but powerful team comprising a project manager from our US office and a technical specialist from Russia, supplemented with some local helpers.

    In the end, provided immersive technologies for 3 of the 8 themed zones at Terra Exhibit. One suspended and one free-standing dome for the Water Scarcity and Mangrove theme zones, and projection mapping for the Oxygen theme zone. Other themed zones in the exhibit include Excess Plastic and Food Waste. is excited to be part of this cutting-edge project, and proud of our multi-national, inter-office team. Teamwork makes the dream work!

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