A 35,000 ft immersive dome park in LA
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    Introducing Wisdome LA: the largest immersive dome venue in Los Angeles

    A dome venue like no other in LA

    The world’s biggest fully immersive entertainment art park opened its doors in Downtown Los Angeles on November 15. Wisdome LA is a venue with five big festival domes: a 27M geodesic dome (90ft), a 21M dome (69ft), a 16M dome (53ft), and domes of 14M (46ft) and 12M (39ft) and almost 1115sq.m. (12000 sq.ft.) of the area projected with Epson Laser projection.

    Wisdome LA: How it all began

    When Wisdome LA approached us with a request, we prepared the concept animation, and it looked overwhelming. At first, it seemed impossible to achieve. However, our team is always up for a challenging project, so we agreed to do everything we could to take Wisdome LA from an idea to reality.

    From concept to reality

We already had plenty of experience with the installation of big festival domes, like our 27M dome at the Big New York music festival in 2017. With more than 300 successful showcases with projection domes under our belts, we knew how to ensure high-resolution imaging for big domes. While we had already designed and installed several domes as venue solutions, we had never installed five big domes with flooring, projection and sound systems simultaneously in just one month… Now we have!

    About the Wisdome LA

It’s the world’s largest fully immersive entertainment art park. Located in the heart of the Downtown LA Arts District, only five minutes walk to A+D Architecture and Design Museum & ten minutes to The Main Museum of Los Angeles. This event venue uses advanced dome projection technology, immersive storytelling, and transformational art to provide LA’s most progressive audiences with an experience like no other.


    How to use event domes?

    Event dome is a great tool to turn any event into an unforgettable experience. Here is the list how the Wisdome LA are using their event domes:

    • concerts
immersive presentations
live performances
marketing events
VR arcade

    Get more info following the link: wisdome.la

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