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    Espace Ballon Hot Air Balloon Simulator

    World’s First Vertical Dome Balloon Simulator for Newly Renovated Museum

    Switzerland | 2024

    An interactive exhibit for a newly renovated museum

    Château-d’OEx, nestled in the Swiss Alps, is renowned as the alpine hub of hot air ballooning. Annually, this charming mountain village becomes the focal point for an international hot air balloon festival, drawing enthusiasts from around the world. Against this backdrop, Espace Ballon finds its ideal home—a museum devoted to the rich history of hot air balloon flight. In the course of its recent renovation, Espace Ballon collaborated with to craft an interactive hot air balloon exhibit. The aim was to immerse visitors in the exhilarating experience of a balloon ride, all while keeping their feet firmly on the ground.


    • 6m vertical immersive dome display
    • 8k projection system with 4K LED projectors

    How does the hot air balloon simulator work?

    The simulator features a vertically installed 6m diameter immersive projection dome display, situated alongside a stationary platform that accommodates a hot air balloon basket. Visitors stand within the basket to witness mesmerising 360-degree footage, faithfully replicating the views of an actual balloon flight. Despite the platform’s steady position, the immersive visuals provide an exceptionally realistic sensation of soaring through the air in a hot air balloon.

    An automated exhibit

    The simulator is seamlessly synchronised with a ticket scanning machine, allowing it to run unattended. Visitors scan their tickets, triggering the automated opening of the door for entry, and initiating the automatic playback of the show. A sophisticated feature ensures that the next ticket cannot be scanned until the previous show has finished, optimising the immersive experience for each visitor.

    A groundbreaking solution for the hot air balloon industry’s biggest challenge

    Hot air balloon flights offer a once-in-a-lifetime experience but are contingent on ideal weather conditions. The whims of the weather gods, especially in mountainous regions, can lead to disappointment when flights are inevitably canceled. The vertical hot air balloon simulator is a compelling alternative for disappointed customers facing weather-related cancellations. It’s also an excellent alternative for individuals grappling with a fear of heights or lacking the courage to ascend in a real hot air balloon.

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