Explorit Science Centres, Switzerland, Home to 3 of our Projection Domes
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    Explorit Domes Switzerland: The Perfect Interactive Experience for Science Centres

    The Vision

    In 2018, Explorit in Switzerland approached Fulldome.pro seeking dynamic and engaging ways to educate children visiting their interactive Science Centres in various cities around Switzerland. They came to the right people!

    Above all, they required a unique, immersive learning experience for young kids, that involved the use of new technologies.

    As owners of several science centers in locations around Switzerland, Explorit’s key objective was to invest in flexible and versatile expo equipment that could easily be moved between their many centres.

    The Solution

    In 2018, Fulldome.pro installed a 5M Open Dome into the Explorit Science Centre in Zurich as well as a 3M Open Dome into the Explorit Science Centre in Flims.  

    Both domes have the flexibility of being set up as planetariums or as themed shows. They also received our Free Starter Content Package with a range of educational shows to entertain and engage kids of various ages, for up to 2 years. With the flexibility to change up shows regularly, science centres can be assured of constant footfall and repeat customers.  

    The Fulldome Service

    Fulldome.pro provides an extensive range of high-quality, customer-oriented works to its clients. After careful consideration, Explorit selected Fulldome.pro as its supplier because they wanted to take advantage of all of the professional services on offer:

    • Engineering
    • Production of dome screen & supporting truss
    • Engineering of the projection system
    • On ground installation

    The Greatest Challenge: Low Ceiling Height

    Low ceilings at the Flims Science Centre created quite a challenge for the Fulldome installation team when it came to fitting a 5M Dome into the allocated space.


    • By installing an Open, rather than Closed Dome system, the installation team had the flexibility to reduce the height of the supporting truss system (without legs), as well as tilt the screen to make the 5M Dome fit.
    • Creative thinking also played its part! The design team at the Flims Science Centre styled the installation so that kids entered the Dome either sitting on a sled or crawling on their hands and knees! Not only did this help reduce the height requirement of the entranceway it also added another fun and engaging element to the experience for kids.

    Project Successes

    More business​

    The popularity of the two Dome installations in Flims and Zurich led to Explorit purchasing and installing a second 5M Open Dome in 2019, for their Science Centre in Yverdon. Explorit is now the proud owner of 3 Fulldome.pro domes for their group of science centres.

    Versatile retheming​

    After a successful run in Flims, the 5M dome is now installed in the Zurich Science Centre and has been completely rethemed. Suspended vertically from the ceiling, it houses an incredible expo that helps kids learn about the surface of Mars, proving just how flexible and versatile these domes are.  The only limitation is your creativity!

    Repeat visitors​

    The retheming of Domes in Explorit’s Science Centres generates that all-important repeat business. Thanks to Fulldome.pro’s Starter Content Package, with minimum redesign or investment, Domes are easily transformed into a brand new exposition, attracting a whole new crowd, as well as repeat business.

    Why Fulldome Open Domes are Ideal for Kids’ Science Centres

    • Use immersive technology to create an interactive learning experience for kids
    • Versatile: unlimited creative theming possible
    • Truss stand enables adjustment of Dome height for low ceilings
    • Digital projection enables easy content change & retheming
    • Highly mobile: ideal for promotions, reach out events, and expos in different locations
    • Dome packs up small for storage
    • Fulldome Content Starter Pack provides content for 12 months

    We offer numerous possibilities for planetariums and Science Centers. 

    Contact our team to discuss your project!

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