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    5 Biggest Dome Theaters

    For the past few years, dome theatres have been delivering the greatest sense of awe and wonder of all experiences. These visually immersive environments transform packed theatre into a shared thrilling experience that can breathe new life into movie theatres. We strongly believe that dome theaters, if properly constructed and located, will play a notable role in future entertainment.

    So let us have a glance at the 5 Biggest Dome Theatres

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    5. MSI's Giant Dome, Chicago

    MSI’s Giant Dome Theatre, located in Chicago, comes with laser projection which is first in Chicago and only two in the world.

    With its wrap-around dome screen, it will deliver an amazing viewing experience that will blow your mind.

    This dome theater will let you immerse yourself in the clearest, brightest, and the most colorful picture they have ever presented.

    4. L'Hemisferic - Valencia, Spain

    If you are looking to get a visual experience just like a real one, then L’Hemisferic will blow you away.

    Built-in 1998, it is one of the oldest dome theaters in the world, which serves as a centerpiece of Valencia’s. It is designed in the shape of a giant eye with theater in the pupil to provide a thrilling experience of audiovisuals.

    One more thing you will like about this dome theater is that it is surrounded by water.

    3. Jeju Shinhwa World Theme Park, the Republic of Korea

    According to blooloop.com, it is the biggest 4D dome theatre in the world, with 130 4D reclined seats under a 20-meter wide dome.

    Provided by CL Corporation, Head in The Stars® combines fully immersive seatings that deliver a range of sensory effects throughout the performance and breathtaking picture quality, which is powered by the Fulldome.pro projection system and revolutionary Fulldome.pro media server.

    Viewers have the impression that there is no screen as the image is larger, bigger, and wider than their field of vision.

    2. Science Museum of Minnesota – Saint Paul, USA

    Source: smm.org

    Science Museum of Minnesota, located in Saint Paul, USA, is said to be one of the biggest dome theaters in the world.

    Its crazy convertible dual-screen system features both flat-screen and a dome that can be rotated for dome movies known as Omnifilms.

    Science Museum of Minnesota has been titled as «permanently installed cinematic projector in the world.»

    This dome theater is also known for its massive mechanical structure. Due to all this, it is placed on our list.

    1. Futuroscope - Poitiers, France

    Built-in Poitiers, France, the Futuroscope theme park is based on multimedia, cinema, audio-visual and robotic technology of the future.

    Dome theatre, located here, is the only one in the world to house every type of theater-like Normal, dome, 3d dome, 3D flying carpet style and also displays 4D movies.

    The flying carpet style comes with a dual-screen on the floor to give you a feeling of sensational and floating experience while watching a movie.

    Dome Theaters offers a thrilling and immersive experience either as a stand-alone theater or a simulation ride.
    I believe the popularity of dome theaters has been increased, and due to this, it will be a major success in the future-community-based entertainment.

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